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Easing into /tabletop with Catan

How to play Catan online in 2024

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Key Takeaways

  1. There are plenty of people who would play more tabletop games if they had folks to play with.

  2. Sites like let gamers play familiar games like Catan together!

  3. Folks don't know how to organize their own game nights, so here you go:


While many folks play with friends and family at home, there are plenty of tools available to play online in 2024! I surveyed my Farcaster community and most folks said they didn't have enough people to play with.

How many people does each person in the /tabletop community have to play games with?

People like to play games they know and 71% of survey respondents mentioned Catan as a game they enjoyed.

71% survey respondents mentioned Catan

It's a classic game, love by millions. Here's what the board game community on Board Game Geek thinks of Catan.

Catan on

I challenge you to start your own game and be the change you wish to see in the casts! Here's how you can do it:

Organize a Catan Game

Get a free month of the /tabletop Hypersub airdropped to your address for organizing a game with at least one other Farcaster!

How to Play Catan

An Online Game

Prep before the game

  1. Schedule with friends - no one to play with? Cast about it!

  2. Set up your video call for game day

    Video calling software

    1. Web2

    2. Free Open Source Software (FOSS)

    3. web3

  3. Set up your accounts for game play

On Game Day

  1. Create a game Room

How to create a game Room

  1. Invite your friends!

Copy the invite link & share it!

If your friends are more active on Discord, you can even play colonist directly there!

After the game

  1. Take screenshots of the final score!

  2. Cast about it + tag @ispeaknerd on Farcaster!

An IRL Game

Before the Game

  1. Get Catan

    Support the /tabletop channel by purchasing through our referral link

  2. Schedule a game with friends

    1. Host it at your own space

    2. No space? No problem!

      • Friendly Local Game Stores (FLGS) have community game nights

      • Find a store at, search "board game store"

Day of the game

  • Confirm with friends, get them excited!

  • Take photos!

After the Game

  • Cast photos of your game session in /tabletop!

  • Cast to let us know who won, tag @ispeaknerd.eth to track scores!

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