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Tabletop subscription launch

Subscribers, shillers, and especially early adoptooooors benefit

Welcome to the 21 people who've joined since last newsletter!

Thank you to those of you that collect my writings, it helps me out and keeps me going!

Grateful to all 267 of you for reading, hope you have a great weekend!

/tabletop Subscription Launch

Get in early, subscribooooors earn 6% of subsequent subscriptions and shillooooors earn 4% of subscriptions from their referral links.

Y'all have heard me talk previously about wanting to build stuff for /tabletop.

I want to enable casters to have more moments together over board games!

Well now you can subscribe to support the channel growth and help gamooooors to make more moments together!


  • Access to and help shape the development of /tabletop tooling for playing and tracking board games

  • Priority access to gaming events hosted by /tabletop

  • Discounted access to paid game tournaments

    • like the recent Dominion-ation tournament

  • Access to the world's largest crypto-native network of tabletop gamooooors

  • Early access announcement + planning channel

  • Automated curation of your casts in /tabletop

    • Subscriber casts get curated into Main feed by Automod

    • Read about how that works in my previous article

Subscribe to the Hypersub and join the next level of the /tabletop community!

Year+ subs get a free Holofoil 𝙼𝙴𝙴𝙿𝙻𝙴 NFT, a /tabletop collaboration with technologartist @bias.

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