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Curating Chaotic Channels

Leveraging Mod Bots for Collective Curation of Channel Casts

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Key Takeaways

  1. New Moderator account designation for each channel gives a single account responsibility to Curate the Main channel feed.

  2. Owners can use mod bots like Automod and Airstack to distribute curation authorization to multiple accounts.

  3. Channel Owners are figuring out how they want to Curate their main feed. /purple, /memes, and /gaming are all taking different approaches.

Farcaster Channel Decentralization Changes

Changes described here are live as of 5/23/24.

  • Only 2 accounts matter for each channel

    1. Owner - account that owns the channel

    2. Moderator - could be owner, another caster, or a mod bot tool

  • 2 feeds in Warpcast, a curated "Main" and unfiltered "Recent"

    • Casts get curated from "Recent" to "Main" by being liked by the Moderator account

    • Recent feed is made of ALL casts in that channel (even the stupid, off-topic ones)

  • Terms that have specific meaning

    • Curate means highlight from Recent content stream into Main feed of a channel, requires Moderator to like the cast

    • Hide means remove content from Main feed

2 options for Main feed, moderated or unmoderated. See below image for details.

Unmoderated Priority mode works well as a default for Owners that aren't sure what they want to highlight yet.

Owners can have manual curation by setting themselves as Moderator, delegate to another caster, or distribute responsibility to a mod bot and grant their team authorization for access to the bot.

Updates After Publication

Additional changes in the first week since changes went live:

  • with moderation on, Recent feed is now shown in Priority mode

  • Unfiltered feed available to channel owners

    • This feed is full of spam in my experience, but good to scroll through to curate good content into Main

  • Owners can turn off Recent feed if desired

  • Choose between chronological or algorithmic Main feed

Mod Tools for Channel Hosts


Curate however you like by installing automod Cast Actions, can Hide content by removing from Main or Curate to move content into Main feed.


Channel Experiments with Moderation Rules

  • current focus for the channel is retropgf round of funding for last 2 months of farcaster growth experiments

  • owner wants to keep content focus on retropgf

@ccarella.eth requiring members + text "#retropgf" for top-level casts

@nonlinear.eth leading the charge with moving channel revenue on chain and redistributing the majority to the channel members via tipping

A labor-intensive process that makes sense for channels that require a high level of manual curation, leveraging Automod's "Curate" cast action. But it's better than previous monetization with channel passes.

  1. Better for channel owners - warps cannot be cashed out of warpcast

  2. Better for mods - revenue for their work curating

  3. Better for users - redistributing channel revenue to those that make the channel valuable

I've previously written about Cast Actions

[Cast Actions] give users not only customized experiences, but also users can initiate those experiences on any cast. They are not limited to casts with that particular frame in them.

So channel mods can use the "Curate" action on any cast to move it from "Recent" to "Main" for channels. This decentralizes channel moderation from Warpcast to other tools such as Automod and Airstack and allows channel owners to distribute mod abilities.

@cameron, @riotgoools and me want to keep it simple and hard to game, and bring the focus back to curated relationships

Following automod rule set Curates casts into Main from casters who are followed by channel hosts/mods or have power badge.

This is confusing to read but is basically creating an OR logic gate using multiple NAND gates (thanks electrical engineering!)

This is subtly different from the unmoderated Priority Mode, the Owner's follows get curated versus Priority which shows casts from a viewer's follows. So it's a more focused and content curated by the channel owner's preferences rather than the viewer's.
Owner can also expand the trusted social graph by adding additional "User Is Not Followed By" rules within the ruleset.

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