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F**k Around and Find Out

Marketing Lessons from the Farside

In case you missed it, last post that went out talked through how to keep a large web3 Discord server secure and safe for all. Here are the biggest takeaways:

  1. Set up filters for new joiners

  2. Set up Discord's Safety Tools for your server

  3. Understand Discord role permission hierarchy

  4. Use Principle of Least Privilege to keep access to a minimum for average members

  5. Use advanced tools like moderation bots to monitor and moderate chat

You can read the whole post here:

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Bit of a different post today, I'm back from Permissionless last week and needed to get these ideas about social out of my head and into written form.

I've been tinkering around in Farcaster the last few months, and I've found some key learnings to surface for y'all. Let's dive into the takeaways from my personal experiments for social media success on Farcaster.

  1. Involve other people in your ideas

  2. Don't be afraid to use multiple platforms

  3. Have a hype squad at hand to boost content to new people

  4. Know and jive with the vibe

  5. Just hit send

Involve Other People in Your Bullshit, and Do it Early!

No, seriously. If you're going solo, you're doing it wrong. Get other folks tangled in your web of brilliance early on.

  1. More, Better, and Iterated Ideas: Incorporating others in your project means a shitload of fresh and dope ideas. You get different inputs and perspectives, ramping quality up to another level.

  2. Ownership Feeling: When people get involved early, they feel like it's their baby too. It's like a community garden of creativity where everyone plants their seeds of genius.

  3. Context Absorption: Sharing early drafts means folks can absorb the context better. It's like giving their brains a git diff to more easily track the progression and appreciate the final product even more.

Case in Point: 

1. FC buildooooooors:   

The meme that hit Farcaster wasn’t a one-man show. It was a collab with @cojo.eth, @cameron, @jamesyoung, and @jrf. Everyone chipped in on what was missing and how it could be spruced up. And the kicker? Each person only saw a section view to keep the final reveal a sweet surprise for them.

The Farcaster Buildooooooooooooooor

I monetized the meme with a Zora mint. But it wasn't strictly about monetization; Warpcast shows trending mints and even pushes notifications to members. On Farcaster minting is marketing in addition to the same methods from Xer. Dropped it in the comments.

Just remember: don’t get greedy. Don't mint anything with individuals' faces or other possible doxxing info without explicit permission from everyone.

2. Farcaster Meetup at Permissionless:

@matthew from Eventcaster and I went old school with Telegram and direct casts – no platform, no problem. Used Citycaster to find the Farcaster Austin group and juiced the event. Some peeps showed up, others spread the word. Best bit? Leveraging those multiple communities and bringing them all together.

Got some friends from Bankless DAO to show up and bring even more people. The trick? Keep that hype energy throbbing. Polls, memes, gifs - whatever gets the people going!

And constant communication -- @sean and @pol noticed that I'd borked the timezones. Our event Telegram group enabled me to repair the error and communicate it on the morning of the event.

Here's the final result of the meetup:

3. Tagging BG3 Enthusiasts:

Got crafty with this one. Searched for folks chatting about BG3 using Searchcaster, tagged 'em to get them to notice and jumpstart the conversation. Go on, check it out.

Feedback? Go Off-Platform

Your circle on Farcaster might be lit, but take the convo off-platform. Trust me on this, telegram groups are like steroids for communication in small groups. Shit's powerful!

Have an Off-Platform Squad for at-will Signal Boosts

Got a big thing coming? Get your off-platform gang to shout it from the rooftops. A simple "Yo, fam, signal boost?" does wonders. Don't believe me? See for yourself right here.

Keep it Real with the Group Vibe

Here’s the golden rule: You wanna fit in? Then blend in! No plugging of your product; do share accomplishments and milestones but no direct ads unless it's in alignment. Honestly showing up as your whole self is the name of the game.

The Ultimate Rule? F**K IT, JUST HIT SEND

Overthinking is for rookies. Done with your masterpiece? Feeling the jitters? Tell those jitters to piss off and just hit that send button. Frequent casters get frequent engagement.

To sum it all up: Dive in, mix things up, and remember – the Farcaster realm is your playground. Just keep it real, keep it fun, and keep learning!

farcasting no. 4


If you haven't read it yet, check out the excellent post for getting started on Farcaster from @cameron. It'll change your FC experience, go read it. Right now.


Eugene Wei's Status as a Service post explains human internal motivation for status and how platforms harness it to keep people coming back. TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and now... Farcaster.

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