The Creative Act – On Trust, Process & Faith

I was looking through my notes and underlines from Rick Rubin’s book, The Creative Act, which I read about a year ago. I initially picked it up to re-read my favorite chapter, Seeds.

There were five underlined parts across two chapters that I wanted to share here – for myself to remember, and for you to read – because they ring true to my experience in life so far. Here they are:

“You learn to trust yourself – in the universe, with the universe, as a unique channel to a higher wisdom.”

“trust in the process”

“This isn’t a matter of blind belief in yourself. It’s a matter of experimental faith.”

“Faith is rewarded, perhaps even more than talent or ability.”

“Over time, as you complete more projects, this faith in experimentation grows. You’re able to hold high expectations, move forward with patience, and trust the mystery unfolding before you. With the understanding that the process will get you where you’re going. Wherever that reveals itself to be. And the magical nature of the unfolding never ceases to take our breath away.”

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