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Billboarding with Farcaster Frames

Farcaster Frames are a massive superpower if your product leverages billboarding

Farcaster Frames are a superpower if your product leverages billboarding, i.e., the use of your product is visible to other people around you because it's repeatedly shared. In web2, this is seeing TikTok videos on Instagram or Twitch links on X. On Farcaster, this is casts with Zora mints, Paragraph posts, OpenSea links, and Etherscan transactions.

The repeatedly sharing component is essential because if your product link is shared, your frame will be easily seen and engaged with, and vice versa if not. Here are a few examples of products that leverage billboarding and frames:

Example 1: Posts

Back in April 2023, Paragraph ranked 16th among the most shared URL domains in casts. Colin and team, we're one of the first to leverage frames, launching the ability for users to subscribe to newsletters and then shortly after reading posts directly in a frame. These features are a massive unlock for writers and creators to connect with and grow their audience on Farcaster. Here's @ccarella.eth's flooded inbox after using Paragraph frames.

Example 2: NFT Mints

New NFT mints on Zora, Highlight, Manifold, Mintfun, and other platforms have been widely shared by creators and minters on Farcaster since the beginning. Integrating Frame support for these links greatly improves the UX by allowing NFT minting directly in the feed within a native mobile app, eliminating the need to simultaneously use a separate wallet app.

Shortly after the Frames announcement, @jacopo.eth launched Frame VR (Version Recast) — First recast, then mint NFT. The frame was recast over 2K times, making it one of the most popular casts on Farcaster at the time. A couple of days later, Manifold made it super easy for any creator to leverage this mechanic with Frame Mint on Base. Almost immediately after, there were dozens to hundreds of new Manifold frame drops. Slice, Highlight, Framedrop, and others have all started supporting Frames.

The combination of easy NFT deployment, sharing to engaged Farcasters, and allowing them to mint seamlessly is going to create a tsunami of new NFTs and mint activity.

Example 3: Launches

Due to how the @launch bot works, Launchcaster URLs are shared on Farcaster daily and rank in the top 15 most shared URL domains in casts. Frame support was a no-brainer, and @nir brought up the simple idea: "Vote on launchcaster would be a cool frame." We tested it on Nir and the Yup team's two-month-old launch. Upvotes on Yup's launch went from 100 to over 1,500 in less than 24 hours, all because users could interact with the product in a frame, in the feed where they discovered it.

I’m excited to see the Frames ecosystem evolve and can’t recommend them enough to builders. Here’s a great Awesome list of Frame examples and resources from @df and Frames.js, one of the easiest ways to get started with frames.

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