Killer Web3 Social Clients

The most successful Farcaster clients won’t compete with Warpcast or Twitter for DAUs or resemble them in any way.

They will leverage the protocol for identity, friend graph, casts for creation, and feeds for distribution and awareness. Think Pinterest, Spotify, Zynga, tinder on Facebook, or… Instagram, Vine, Nuzzel, Periscope on Twitter. They will drive a wave of social innovation similar to WeChat Mini-Programs but without the lock-in.

Examples of this today

  • Alphacaster: DAO governance. Imagine every proposal, discussion, and vote happening on Farcaster. Participation will go up, DAOs will move faster, and it will help unlock liquidity for DAO tokens.

  • Unlonely: weird live streams. Imagine every scheduled livestream, reminder "going live," stream chat, and “Cameron minted an NFC” being a cast. Streams and clips will get more distribution, streamers will grow followers faster, and monetization will occur across multiple platforms.

  • Eventcaster: events. Imagine discovering every meetup, conference, and concert your friends attend, unlocking VIPs with your wallet, selling tickets on secondary, and more. Event attendance will go up, FOMO will go down, and event organizers will know their attendees better and sell out more events.

  • Launchcaster: project launches & updates. Imagine every App Store update, review, in-app purchase, or Steam community hub post being a cast. Projects will get more awareness, acquire the right users easier, and feedback loops will improve.

Examples I hope to see soon

  • Music

  • Memes

  • Podcast

  • Gaming

  • Payments

  • Messaging

  • Marketplace

  • Food/Recipes

  • Recommendations

First appeared on farcaster.

Thanks for the feedback @bilzh @cameron