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What are onchain users frustrated with?

I surveyed both Farcaster and Twitter to get a pulse of what onchain users are frustrated with in today’s market. Here’s what they said.

I surveyed both Farcaster and Twitter to get a pulse of what onchain users are frustrated with in today’s market. Here’s what they said.

What's your biggest frustration today as an onchain user?

Not enough stuff todo

  • we need more brands (like reddit / nike / starbucks) creating experiences around digital assets. need more web3 companies to focus on brand partnerships and onboarding brands (who will in turn onboard retail users) - @0xshash

  • not enough to do. sometimes i think 'i should do more onchain stuff' but then can't think of anything. - @garth

  • Slow pace of application level innovation. - @dob

  • Not enough 10x/100x use cases for mass adoption. Feels like as a form of value exchange is still the best use case as seen in developing and 3rd world countries (eg: Argentina), but not the same with developed countries. - @tpan

  • Not enough to do. When I go explore a new L2 ecosystem I'm easily underwhelmed with the app options. It's a lot of deep defi things that I'm not comfortable dealing. Waiting for that first initial wave of normie apps - @4495

  • I also don’t think 1 is a problem for my usage. Mainly use crypto to invest long term, so I simply DCA once a week. - @pierrick

Hard to discover

  • All three for me. Regarding 1 & 2, it's really hard to discover what real people are doing and building in the space, because there's so much spam / manipulation. - @matthew

High gas fees

  • I'd be minting every day if it werent a 20 dollar charge. - @mxjxn

  • on Ethereum but not a problem on L2s. - @pierrick

  • There's so much to do, but mainly you're stopped because of gas - @tomu

  • 3 in the short term. 2 in the long term. - @brittenwolf

  • For mainnet, 3 For L2s and alt L1s, 1 - @garrett


  • UX

    • the friction/scaryness around signing, totally get that permissioning is moving towards a 'sign once' approach though - @joetoledano

  • Onboarding

    • Projects talk about wanting to onboard new people, but often don't connect with what that really means or looks like. And therefore aren't really willing to invest into the work needed because it's often not as sexy as great art, innovative dev stuff, etc. Shows how early we are, I think. - @bradq

    • not enough compliant & convenient on/off ramps - @casslineth

  • Jargon

    • Usability and use of language (jargon) - @rickjohanson

    • The industry’s obsession with crypto native jargons to communicate anything is annoyingly obvious.

  • Scams & Spam

    • There are many scammers/bad actors. - @rcyh

    • bad reputation/lack of understanding for non-crypto users - @nonlinear

  • Cost

    • Not having enough money to play atm - @petar

  • Security

    • Wallet insecurity. “Just get a Ledger” they said…it’s hard for the average person to keep up with best practices. - @dberg

  • Regulation

    • Also, haven’t felt as concerned about unfriendly US regulation as I do now, which has implications for how much attention and money I want to continue to invest in crypto stuff - @dankenney

First appeared on farcaster.

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