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Creating Trust in a Trustless AI-Driven World

Evolving our protocol to create trust in a trustless AI-driven world

After a year of building BEBverse Labs and recently going full-time after 6 years of Meta engineering, our protocol is evolving to focus on creating trust in a trustless AI-driven world. The BEB protocol will be designed to defend against an incoming tsunami of bad actors performing AI fraud, AI spam, and AI misinformation.

We are deploying a reputation network built on a foundation of our open-source neural networks, where bad actors are filtered through a fair, decentralized process. We want BEB to be leveraged across the ecosystem: DAOs, social apps, social protocols, and even web2 companies wishing to filter out bad actors from their userbase.

Our protocol is federated by the BEB Dimensions namespace, where a self-hosted server can represent one or many dimensions. A dimension is an abstract namespace that is used to represent a person, community, and decentralized reputation provider. An abstract namespace prevents specialization and limitations of our protocol - we need to address the evolution of AI over the next decade.

We believe building an abstract social protocol not encumbered by state synchronization or specialization will lead to out of the box thinking that other social protocols will have difficulty experimenting in. We are excited to see how the BEB protocol will evolve protect apps and protocols from bad actors through AI Defense.

Our new landing page

As part of this evolution, we've also redesigned our landing page! Feel free to also reach out to us if you want to share ideas or ask any questions, we now have a public Telegram group.

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Thank you to Victor, Steph and Les for providing valuable feedback!