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The Enjoy Opportunity

The why, what, and how of $enjoy.

We incubated Enjoy at Seed Club earlier this year mostly because we thought it would be fun, but we also felt we were in a unique position to help a token like this break through and create an example that could inspire many others.

We hadn’t shared much of the vision behind it so I decided to present it alongside our 8 SC07 projects at demo day two weeks ago.

I'm sharing the presentation here for people who missed it or just prefer reading words (h/t peacenode for the slides). Enjoy !!!

We have a distinct vision for the future of the internet. 

It’s a future where the immense cultural value created everyday is directly captured by the people who create it.

It’s a future where user-owned token networks, not corporations, are the largest and most valuable organizing structures.

And it’s a future where people love owning tokens that align with their belief systems, give them a strong sense of belonging, and unlock novel participatory experiences. Where building things that people want to be a part of is the killer business model.

Enjoy is an onchain creator network from this future. 

The biggest challenge preventing this future from arriving in earnest is more people actually believing in tokens. 

And the way we’ll get there is by having more tokens that people actually care about. More tokens that make people actually feel something.

These aren’t narrowly defined infrastructure tokens.

They were important in the last cycle when it’s where all the serious builders, compelling visions for the future, and upside were. It’s what we needed back then, and they’re of course still incredibly valuable, but onchain culture is shifting.

Fast forward to today and everyone is disillusioned by the 100th borrowing / lending protocol, endless new chain launches, more perp dexes. 

Sure, they’re still farmed, but there’s less and less money to be made, and the charts on token launch reveal how little people actually care.

They’re not memecoins either.

Memecoins certainly make token consumption more simple, social, authentic, and fun. I love them, but they’re largely not serious.

Sure some will continue to break out and become consensus schelling points for underlying memes that have enduring cultural value, but the vast majority won’t. And even when they do, the experiences they offer are limited.

What we need is token networks that have the expansive ambitions of top infrastructure projects, coupled with the belief systems, cultural value, and social properties of memecoins.

I’ve been calling these Scenecoins, and Enjoy is going to be a defining example.

Instead of starting with an application, protocol, or chain, we started with a token and a scene. 

We recognized an emerging scene of creatives that were bound by their deep belief that putting media onchain mattered, but were emotionally and experientially underserved by existing tooling. 

By introducing a token that represented this belief, and a tipping mechanism to create social experiences around it, the scene quickly became more valuable and fun to participate in.

More specifically, here’s how we visualize the Enjoy network today. We can split it up into an Attention Layer, Reputation Layer, and Participation Layer.

Attention Layer

At the attention layer we’re focused on the token being seen and discovered alongside compelling narratives for why it matters. The token captures and stores the value of that attention and generated belief, which can then be used to reward core participation.

Today this largely happens through our social channels and through tipping, which encourages people to write the ticker all over Zora.

Reputation Layer

Next we have the reputation layer, which is focused on adding legibility to each participant's contributions to the scene and creating a strong sense of identity. This creates a meaningful social context that people want to spend time within. 

Today this takes the form of a leaderboard. We’ve started with a focus on Zora creating and collecting data because of its central position in the ecosystem, but will be expanding beyond it shortly.

Participation Layer

Finally we have the Participation Layer. The core activity that onchain creatives do is create and collect media, so we’re focused on improving that experience by making it more fun, social, and rewarding.

Today this is primarily our social distribution mechanism. We call this tipping, but that’s overly reductive for how powerful it is.

Participants receive a weekly allocation of tokens, based on their reputation, to use to reward creators and more colorfully express their support for them. 

Together, these layers create a framework for an expansive world that’s designed to be increasingly fun and social to participate in, increasingly good at generating attention, and increasingly valuable.

It’s only been a few months, but it’s working. 

People are proud of their standing on the leaderboard, share it frequently, and work week to week to improve it.

Over 3,000 people are consistently tipping every week, over 12,000 unique creators have been tipped, and the majority of collection comments that happen on Zora are $enjoy tips.

And our attention base is growing, with over 30,000 $enjoy holders.

But this is just the start, and what comes next is Enjoy truly becoming the onchain creator network owned by creators and collectors.

Our focus looking forward is on integrations, applications, and a chain.

With integrations, we’re focused on expanding beyond Zora and natively integrating into more creator / collector marketplaces. We’ve been talking to many of them and they’re excited to have the enjoy firepower helping them grow their platforms.

This will attract new waves of creators and collectors (writers, podcasters, musicians), create an increasingly meaningful reputation and identity layer, and importantly grow the surface area for tipping.

With applications, we’re focused on building native Enjoy experiences that uniquely serve our scene of the most harcore and obsessive onchain creatives. Things that a standalone business needing to go mass market won’t build, but will make being an enjoyoor absurdly fun and create value for the network. 

We’re exploring things like creator staking, curator delegation, minting games, bringing the enjorb to life as an ai agent, things like that.

And with the Chain, we’re excited to stand up a network that will give our scene a distinct sense of place. A place we can put our applications, our data, our lore, our liquidity. A place that gives us a denominator we believe in.

I really urge you to not underestimate how valuable a network with 1,000 true fans and 10,000 true speculators can be. And we’re aiming for much more.

If you want to be a part of reimagining the future with us get 500k $enjoy and join the scene. The token is on Zora today, but it’ll probably be in a bunch of other places soon as well.

I really want to know how this lands. Is this something you're excited to be a part of? Is there something I missed that would make this more compelling? Have ideas for wild things we could build? Get at me.

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