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Crypto Cubes and Beyond ft. Han

Kaloh's Podcast | Han is a Turkish designer and generative artist.

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Han is a Turkish designer and generative artist. He has crafted numerous generative art projects such as CryptoCubes, AlgoRhythms, and AlgoBeats. He is currently designing a whole system for his blockchain art, giving him more control over the creation, distribution, and art through blockchain technology.

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In today’s episode, we discuss:

Han's Background (00:01:16) Han talks about his background, living in Istanbul, and plans to move to the United States.

Success of Turkish Creators (00:02:05) Exploration of the success of Turkish creators in the art and blockchain space.

Learning About NFTs and Blockchain (00:05:57) Han's journey of learning about NFTs and blockchain technology and starting his first project, CryptoCubes.

Early Adoption of NFTs (00:06:20) Discussion about Han's early adoption of NFTs and blockchain technology in 2018.

Release of CryptoCubes (00:08:21) Han explains the concept and technology used in creating the CryptoCubes collection and its initial release.

Impact of NFTs on Han's Life (00:12:21) The transformative impact of NFTs on Han's life and career as an artist.

Exploring Music Through Generative Art (00:20:00) Han's projects "AlgoRhythms" and "AlgoBeats" on Art Blocks, inspired by musical scales and rhythms.

Evolution of Art on the Blockchain (00:24:22) Discussion about the maturation of the art on the blockchain space and the need for more unique ideas and mechanisms.

Connecting Physical and Digital Art (00:25:38) Exploration of the concept of connecting physical and digital art through the "LightOnChain" project and its installation in Turkey.

Creating a Physical Installation (00:28:10) Han's experience of creating a physical installation and the idea of connecting non-fungible tokens with it.

Exploring New Projects and Collaborations (00:31:29) Han's mindset and future projects, including his interest in further education and a new project focused on creating his own infrastructure.

Creating a Unique Art Framework (00:33:36) Han's exploration of creating his own infrastructure for digital assets, including a unique standard and marketplace functions within the smart contract.

Open Sourcing the Art Framework (00:41:51) Han's plan to open source the art framework and the intention to provide documentation for other artists to use.

Mentioned: CryptoCubes, AlgoRhythms, AlgoBeats, LightOnChain, Art Blocks, Rarible, Eric Calderon, Sofia Garcia, Pak, DistCollective, Refik Anadol, LarvaLabs, Terraforms.

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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