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Presearch is a groundbreaking platform that transforms internet searching. It operates as a decentralized search engine, aiming to empower users, safeguard their privacy, and enhance the search process. This system relies on nearly 70,000 user computers (nodes) across over 100 countries.

In an era dominated by large-scale Big Tech search engines, Presearch distinguishes itself as a user-centric, privacy-focused, and community-driven alternative.

The Significance of Presearch

Conventional search engines face censorship risks and engage in extensive user data collection, compromising privacy. They also track and profile users for profit, essentially controlling global access to information.

Colin Pape, the founder of Presearch, emphasizes the need for a search engine crafted by and for the people. Such a system must prioritize privacy, resist censorship, and operate on decentralized infrastructure to ensure resilience. This is the vision guiding Presearch's development.

Understanding Presearch

Presearch is a search engine built on blockchain technology, committed to preserving user privacy and autonomy while offering incentives. Unlike traditional search engines, Presearch does not monitor your online behavior or trade your data to advertisers. Instead, it empowers you to shape your search experience by selecting your preferred search engine and tailoring your results.

In contrast to centralized search engines where users are commodified and traded to the highest bidder, Presearch adopts a different approach. Here, Presearchers retain ownership of the value generated from their web searches, a concept known as "Search Staking." This mechanism allows you to earn PRE tokens, the currency underpinning the Presearch ecosystem.

Moreover, these PRE tokens serve as incentives for individuals worldwide who operate Presearch's node software. These nodes, fueled by decentralized computing resources, power the search engine, departing from the model of large data centers employed by conventional search engines.

Advertisers participate by paying for ads in PRE tokens, closing the loop on the project's value ecosystem. The ultimate aspiration is for Presearch to become a platform characterized by resilience against censorship, independence, and antifragility, akin to Bitcoin.

Key Presearch Features

1. Privacy: Your Presearch searches remain private and untracked, ensuring that your data isn't utilized for creating personalized profiles or targeting advertisements.

2. Choice: Presearch provides users with the convenience of selecting from over 100 diverse search providers via a single click. This flexibility empowers you to obtain the results you desire.

3. Rewards: Presearch incentivizes users with PRE tokens for active engagement on the platform. These tokens can be staked, traded, or utilized to access additional benefits within the ecosystem, including AI-driven search capabilities.

4. Community: Presearch is driven by community funding and actively involves its user base in governance through the Presearch Foundation.

5. Decentralization: Built upon blockchain technology and user nodes, Presearch operates on a decentralized infrastructure. As the project evolves, it will transition to full open-source status.

Recent Presearch Innovations

1. PreGPT AI: Presearch's latest offering, PreGPT AI, currently harnesses the capabilities of OpenAI. However, the project is actively developing a decentralized AI solution designed to operate on the Presearch nodes.

2. Search API: The Search API empowers other search engines, applications, and AI systems to utilize Presearch results, expanding its reach across various digital experiences.

3. Search Staking: Search staking enables users to earn enhanced rewards for their Presearch searches. By staking a minimum of 1000 PRE tokens, you can access elevated rewards for up to 25 searches per day.

4. Keyword Staking: Introducing a concept unique to Presearch, keyword staking allows companies to increase their website traffic by staking PRE tokens. The advertiser with the highest token stake has their ad displayed when their chosen keyword is searched. Advertisers retain the flexibility to withdraw PRE tokens at any time, making traffic acquisition cost-effective. The minimum amount for keyword staking is 100 PRE.

For example, I want 'Website' to appear top of the Presearch search engine when people search for "Binance". I would then delegate an amount of $PRE tokens to stake against "Binance", which in turn sends traffic to the Website and enables to earn $PRE for Staking. When you Stake your $PRE to words/multi-word terms, you have complete control over them. Your tokens are locked up but can be un-staked anytime, however by doing so you forfeit your 'Ad'.

5. Node Staking: Nodes play a pivotal role in powering Presearch search results by providing computing resources. Node staking permits individuals to contribute to request processing within the Presearch ecosystem and earn rewards in return for their node operation efforts. The minimum staking requirement for nodes is 4000 PRE per node.

Getting Started with Presearch

  1. Sign Up: Commence your Presearch journey by visiting and completing the free registration process.

  2. Customize: Tailor your experience by selecting your preferred search providers and adjusting your settings to personalize Presearch according to your preferences.

  3. Search and Earn: Initiate searches with Presearch to accumulate PRE tokens for each query. The more you search, the greater your potential earnings.

  4. Search Staking: Enhance your rewards by staking a minimum of 1000 PRE tokens, boosting your earnings for searches.


About Presearch

Founded in 2017, Presearch's mission is to deliver a user-centric, decentralized search engine that prioritizes privacy, choice, and community involvement. This platform is underpinned by blockchain technology and driven by a dedicated global community of users and developers.

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