The Ultimate Ordinals/BRC-20 Directory

Discover the most comprehensive directory of Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens.

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Discover the most comprehensive directory of Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens, perfect for staying informed about the latest happenings in the world of decentralized finance.


◉ Xverse (http:

◉ Hiro Wallet (http:

◉ Unisat (http: download)

◉ Ordinal Safe (http:

◉ Ordinals Wallet (http:

Inscription Services

◉ Ordinals bot (http:

◉ Unisat (http: inscribe)

◉ Ordswap (http:

◉ Ordinals Wallet (http: inscribe)

◉ Gamma (http: ordinals)

◉ Ord Kit (http: inscriptions-h…)

◉ Toki Hash (http:

◉ Ordi Mint (http:


◉ Magic Eden (http: ordinals)

◉ Ordinals Wallet (http: collections)

◉ Ordinals Market (http:

◉ Gamma (http:

◉ Ord Swap (http:

◉ openordex (http:

◉ ordynals (http:

◉ luminexio (http:

◉ Ordx Market (http:


◉ Ord city (http:

◉ Gamma (http: ordinals marke…)

◉ NeoSwap (http:


◉ Ordinal hub (http:

◉ bestinslot (http:

◉ Ord Space (http: collections)


◉ ord_io (http:

◉ ordiscan_com (http:

◉ hirosystems (http:

◉ rodarmor (http:


◉ unisat (http: market)

◉ ordinals wallet (http: brc20)

◉ ALEXLab (http:

BRC-20 Price Tracking

◉ Ord io (http: coins)

◉ Ord space (http: brc20)

◉ Ord Spy (http:

◉ Unisat (http: brc20)


◉ Hiro systems (http: ordinals)

◉ Ord Api (http:

Discord Authentication

◉ BitCheckMe (http:


◉ Ordinal News (http:

◉ Ordinal Labs (http:

◉ Ordinals Global (http: potential-va)

◉ Ordinal Daily 

◉ 1btcnews (http:


◉ Ordinals (http:

Dive into the world of Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens with our Ultimate Directory, providing you with an extensive list of wallets, inscription services, marketplaces, auctions, aggregators, explorers, DEXs, price tracking platforms, APIs, Discord authentication tools, news sources, and documentation. Stay updated on this rapidly evolving landscape, spot new opportunities, and make informed decisions by leveraging this comprehensive resource that caters to every aspect of decentralized finance and digital assets management.