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Ethereum Package Manager Open Sourced

EPM 🤝 Open Source

Since introducing EPM I've had several people reach out about contributing or re-purposing some of the components. With that in mind, and in the spirit of this new web we're building together, I'm excited to announce that EPM is now open source under the MIT license!


(WIP) Docs:


EPM uses an API that is not currently open source 😬. However it is open for anyone to use. The Meem team is in the process of some refactoring and our plan is to open source the API in the future. However, my long term vision is that EPM shouldn't rely on any centralized source. Which leads me to...

Invitation To Build EPM

There are a lot of great ideas I've seen that could be built into or on top of EPM. Just a few that come to mind are:

  • Decentralized data store / API powering EPM

  • On-chain registry of contracts

  • Library of audited facets to use as building blocks

  • Upgrade compatibility checks

  • Automation / cli tooling

So...let's build this thing together.

Farcaster: @kencodes

Github: kengoldfarb

Discord: kencodes.eth/x#0013


Twitter: @kengoldfarb