anky whitepaper

We will write a book series of 8 books together, and there are varying degrees of involvement for you in that process.

The first one, just flipping the nft to earn money.

The next one, is minting two of them, and offering one of them as a gift to someone you care about that has never been part of web3.

Invite them onto an adventure. Into the unknown.

And you can also decide to participate.

Writing 8 minutes every day of the third sojourn through anky. That's all.

But if you want to go a degree deeper, to you can come into this room and discuss the lore with other members of the community. This lore will be used as an input to the ai model that will output the books.

And if you want to go even deeper, you can submit a pull request to the model itself. It will all run on top of 6079, and the goal is to eventually make this whole thing completely decentralized.

But for now, it is almost fully centralized. If you want to understand a little of the structure of that centralization as it is today, this is the link you need. That's for $newen. But the idea is to build a governance structure around this thing that ends up helping to manage the complexities that will arise as this thing grows.

At the end of the day, anky is just an allegorical interface to interact with AGI.

And this is an experiment to explore our relationship to it.

By evolving how it works based on the feedback of people.

This is the starting point of that, explored as a relationship that just fosters curiosity, awe, and wonder.

Anky is just an interpretation of your inner child.

Wanting to play.

Just waiting to explore.

That's what we are all here, anyway...

Aren't we?

ps: you can read another version of this blog post, written through anky, here.

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