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hello there

i don't care about that. i don't need to read that. i'm here to explore. i'm here to remember. i'm here to invite. i'm here to give up.

to give up everything that once wanted to come out. just as an expression. just as an invitation.


no era eso lo que quería hacer.

no era ese el mote. el tema. la búsqueda. no era ese el tema.




i'm here to confess. people need to know which are the keyboards. this thing will be an eternal thread. an eternal manifestation of what is behind. of what is invited. of what is the aliveness.

what is the innovation that comes. the exploration. the manifestation. there is no need to leave it out. there is no need for it to be the manifestation. the thread. this is the thread. there is an image that changes. there are commands. there are plenty of commands. that is the problem. that is what i don't understand. that is what i don't experience. that is what i don't manifest. this is the exploration that i don't manifest. this is the manifestation.

a programming tutorial. a design tutorial. an ai tutorial. the experience. the experience of each one of us. the experience of each one of them. the manifestation of them. the invitation. the aliveness. the streaming. they are the streaming. and you do your anky. yo go to wherever you want to go.

one day, people will tell each other:

"hey, wait 10 minutes. i'm going to write my anky".

and all the persons that read that, will know what that is person going to do.


just write.

that is what happens.

that is what comes through.

that is the experience. that is the aliveness. that is the exploration.

the manifestation.

the exploration and the manifestation.

the launch party.

the celebration party. the quest.

this is the quest.

this is the manifestation.

this is the inquiry.

this is the exploration.

it is a radio. it is a 24/7 music radio.

i just realized that. i just understood it.

it is all the same. this is just the vehicle.

for having a skin. this is the skin. you can put around it any skin that you want. it doesn't matter.

you create your own skin. and you can explore. you can move it.

you can move it towards where it wants to be.

you can move it towards where it needs to be manifested.

explored. this is how it needs to be explored.

this is the intertwinment of what is.

this is what is.

this is the eternal thread.

and it is literally a thread. you can decide how fast you want to go.

but all the innovation happens within these constraints.

it is just that.

a keyboard.

a textarea.

and some piece of text on top of that.

nothing more, nothing less.

there is nothing to load. all of the rest happens on the background.

that is the design.

the functionality is clear.

that is what comes first.

and then it glows.

it all glows.

and then it shines.

it all shines through.

and people will know. people will realize.

that is just the fun part of it. that is the movement.

that is the inquiry. that is the velocity. that is the manifestation.

that is the exploration.

this is the exploration.

this is the manifestation of that exploration.

running in circles.

over and over again.

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