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Kiwi distributes its treasury

Today we decided to put Kiwi treasury to work.

So far, Kiwi had 3 streams of cash.

The first one is revenue from the NFT mints.

The second one is the one-time Purple Retroactive Grant.

The third one is the one-time Ethereum Foundation Impact Gift from EF employee - Rose.

All in all, they all add up to 2.78521 ETH and 2000 USDC.

We are going to share almost all of it. 

A big part will go to ourselves since we've been working on Kiwi full-time for the last few months. But we also want to share part of it with the community.

Most of you probably haven't expected any money. And, of course, the amounts we will share aren't life-changing. But this is how much we got. If we got more, we would share more. 

Hopefully, in the next few months, we will grow Kiwi to the point where contributors - instead of getting pocket money - can receive substantial sums. 

This is the distribution we prepared based on projects delivered for Kiwi:

We'd love to be able to share some ETH with everyone who helped us, shared a piece of advice, and provided feedback. But it's tough to track these contributions objectively, so for now, we decided to rely only on tangible contributions.

If you want to track tx, where we shared these funds, here's the link: 

And this is it! We can't promise more rewards, but we'd do our best to make our treasury grow and distribute it efficiently!

And if you are a Kiwi holder and want to get involved more, please reach out on our Kiwi Holders Channel!

PS: If you were wondering why Tim gets much more than Mac, it's because he started working on the protocol in February, and Mac joined in April.

PS2: Tim got $2000 + 0.91ETH since - by current ETH prices - it adds up to 2 ETH. We didn't want to convert USDC to ETH before the transfer (gas fees…).

PS3: Mac received Purple Grant 1 ETH in his wallet, so he just kept it instead of sending it to multi-sig and back (gas fees…).

PS4: Caroline already got her 0.05ETH before so we haven't sent it as part of this transaction.