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Results of the Dappcon x Kiwi writing challenge

We know the winners of the Dappcon x Kiwi writing challenge.

The contest had two tracks:
- one for people attending Dappcon (IRL track),
- one for people watching Dappcon talks (URL track).

Both tracks had a prize of 500 xDAI for the winner, 1,000 xDAI in total.

Without further ado, here are the results and links to the articles

IRL track:

We received 3 submissions for the IRL track. One of them - from Tim, Kiwi Co-Founder - was not taking part in the contest.

Non-competing: "People are much more real in person"
by timdaub.eth (10 upvotes)

Tim reflects on how people online don't show their real opinions on controversial subjects, and how IRL conferences like Dappcon, let people speak their minds more openly.

2nd place: "Thoughts on Dappcon"
by greedywizard.eth (2 upvotes)

Romain summed up his Dappcon impressions - from the venue through the value of sponsorship and low-investment events, up to his favorite talks.

1st place: "Fresh blood at Dappcon 24 Berlin"
by zinkk.eth (3 upvotes)

Zinkk wrote a recap from the perspective of a person who attended a crypto conference for the first time. He walks us through his whole journey - from buying tickets through most interesting talks, and side events, up to people he met and pictures from the event.

And the winner of the IRL track is… zinkk.eth!

URL track

We received 6 submissions for the URL track. One of them - from Mac, Kiwi Co-Founder - was not taking part in the contest. Since some submissions received the same amount of upvotes, we ordered them chronologically.

Non-competing: "Privacy, ninjas and digital houses"
by macbudkowski.eth (4 upvotes)

Mac tries to understand why people don't care about privacy and what we can learn from the physical world, Apple, and John Oliver to improve it. Inspired by "Fireside chat with Vitalik".

5th place: "Demystifying Account Abstraction: A brief on the approaches to AA on Ethereum"
by paicasso.eth (3 upvotes)

Behkod dives deep into Account Abstraction - from the history, through EIPs and ERCs, up to the L2s approach. Inspired by Ivo Georgiev's "Demistifying Account Abstraction".

4th place: "DappCon24 and the Next Evolution of Gnosis"
by auditless.eth (3 upvotes)

Peteris Erins explains the vertically integrated vision behind Gnosis 3.0 that connects Safe, Gnosis Pay, Gnosis Chain, and apps. Inspired by Martin Köppelmann's "Opening Speech",

3rd place: "Abstracting Meaning Away (AMA)"
by naomiii.eth (3 upvotes)

Naomiii reflects on NEAR's evolution and the challenges of managing information in the era of AI and blockchains. Inspired by Illia Polosukhin's "How Chain Abstraction Can AI-Proof the World".

2nd place: "Could Web3 be the last stop on the long winding road to open banking?"
by papajams.eth (4 upvotes)

Papajams comments on Open Banking, its challenges, and how blockchain might help fulfill its vision. Inspired by the panel "From Crypto To Cards: Shaping The Future Of Self Custodial Current Accounts".

1st place: "Arguing for the Transdimensional Bloc"
by gokhan.eth (5 upvotes)

Gokhan comments on the future of technologies, highlighting why we should develop them in a collaborative, cross-disciplinary manner to mitigate the existential risks. Inspired by Elad Verbin's "How To Out AI Onchain… And How It'll Bring The End Of Humanity".

And the winner of the URL track is… gokhan.eth!


Thanks to all the participants, we really enjoyed your essays. Since this writing challenge was well-received, we are planning to organize more contests soon. Stay tuned.

And if you are not a participant but would like to learn more about Kiwi, you can dig in here.

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