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Kiwi launches Tipping Frames to support writers

Kiwi launches transaction frames to tip writers:

Demo from Frames Validator: now you can do the same thing in the feed

From now on, every Farcaster user can tip $5 to their favorite writers directly in the Farcaster feed. Thanks to support from the Farcaster team, our frame got allowlisted, so it will be available from Day 1.

How Kiwi tipping frames work

  • How to tip a writer:

Ask a writer to post their tipping frame on Farcaster or check if they've already done it. Then, follow the steps from the GIF above.

  • How to generate a tipping frame:

If you're a writer and you would like to generate a tipping frame for yourself, please DM @macbudkowski on Telegram. Since it's v1, we want to provide high-touch support for writers to ensure everything works correctly.

What's coming next

While artists started making money from their art with NFTs, writers have yet to see the same success. Hopefully, Kiwi tipping frames will change that. 

This is just our first version, and if these frames become popular, we plan to experiment with more features. Some ideas we have discussed are letting the user choose how much to tip, frames customization, or even offering special perks for subscribers, similar to Patreon.

Another thing to experiment with is our share. In v1 of Kiwi frames, Kiwi takes 0.0002 ETH from each 0.0015 ETH tip. But if the frames achieve scale, we will probably decrease our share.

PS: If you'd like to spread some love on Farcaster, here's our post to Like and Recast :)

Kiwi's primary mission is to create a space where top crypto ideas can be shared and discussed.

Every week, Kiwi Feed welcomes tens of crypto essays handpicked by our community. We've been helping crypto writers by giving them an opportunity to be noticed by our 2,000+ monthly crypto readers.

On top of that, we help writers by:

1) Subtly highlighting original writers' posts in the feed:

2) Prominently displaying authors' recent posts on their profiles:

3) Automatically adding the best writers' posts to the Kiwi /New feed via our Feedbot.

If you are a crypto writer and want to join our community, you can mint Kiwipass, which lets you submit, upvote, and discuss links on Kiwi. You can also DM @macbudkowski or @timdaub on Telegram.

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