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Kiwi moves to Optimism

Which means cheaper mints and better UX.

Today is a big milestone for Kiwi as we transition from Ethereum mainnet to Optimism!

Why the move?

We are obsessed with good UX, but it’s hard to do it on Mainnet. 

We want every Kiwi user to be able to curate our feed without signing every action in their wallets. But with mainnet NFTs, everyone needed to manually turn on this feature, and some people didn’t even know about it.

Optimism eliminates this hassle; minting triggers automatic delegation, so your device will be able to interact with Kiwi without signing anything from Day 1.

Financially, it's a win too. Mainnet minting means gas fees ranging from $5 to $25, whereas, on Optimism, it's virtually free.

We also decided to decrease the price for now to 0.00666ETH (roughly 10 bucks) so we can onboard more people.

If you want to check out the new NFT, you can find it here.

Why have we chosen Optimism?

Optimism is as OG as it gets among L2s, attracting the sort of crypto veterans who typically love Kiwi. Plus, we're keen to integrate further with Farcaster, which has also transitioned to Optimism.

What happens to Ethereum mainnet NFTs?

All our Ethereum mainnet NFT holders got the new Optimism NFTs airdropped. Ethereum NFTs will remain as nostalgic collectibles in your wallets, lacking utility but still showing off your early adopter status. We are considering adding badges at some point, so who knows, maybe there will be some OG badge 🥝

So it's a new chapter in the Kiwi's history.

If you'd like to join us, mint our NFT. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask us on Farcaster or in our Kiwi Telegram Chat.

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