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Kiwi Recap #11: 14/08-20/08


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Here are the 10 most upvoted links on Kiwi in the last week:

#1: 8 upvotes, submitted by macbudkowski.eth

Donate to Kiwi Gitcoin Grant

#2: 8 upvotes, yashbora.eth

Picture yourself going to Cypherpunk meetups in 1992

#3: 6 upvotes, submitted by mishaderidder.eth

Three Tomorrows & The Creative Journey

#4: 5 upvotes, thatalexpalmer.eth

Coinbase cleared to offer futures to eligible US customers

#5: 5 upvotes, freeatnet.eth

Farcaster Hubs are now fully permissionless — run one today

#6: 4 upvotes, roseight.eth

A beginner's guide to seasonal living

#7: 4 upvotes, uncledavo.eth

Against Scarcity

#8: 4 upvotes, macbudkowski.eth

Don't get a job

#9: 4 upvotes, msaki.eth

Ep 342: Vitalik Buterin Fights the Dragon-Tyrant - YouTube

#10: 4 upvotes, yashbora.eth

Picture the British secretly rewriting crypto history

Hope you'll enjoy it!

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