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Kiwi News Recap #18: 2/10-8/10


before we start, on Wednesday, there's the kiwi online meetup. More details here.

Here are the 10 most upvoted links on Kiwi in the last week:

#1: 13 upvotes, submitted by thechandresh.eth

The Tyranny of the clock

#2: 10 upvotes, submitted by timdaub.eth

Live: ENS-enabled profiles on Kiwi News

#3: 7 upvotes, submitted by mishaderidder.eth

Exploring the Design Space for Dynamic NFTs

#4: 6 upvotes, submitted by macbudkowski.eth

Crypto's biggest use case: Permissionless Identity

#5: 6 upvotes, submitted by macbudkowski.eth

Protocol and staking pool changes that could improve decentralization

#6: 5 upvotes, submitted by chaomons.eth

Zuzalu Community Newsletter | October 2023

#7: 5 upvotes, submitted by kevin.neaton.eth

Mark Nadal: Conflict Resolution (with guns)

#8: 5 upvotes, submitted by horsefacts.eth

Using Farcaster protocol for .plan-style daily notes

#9: 5 upvotes, submitted by theblockchainsocialist.eth

Open-Source Funding vs Venture Capital with Scott Moore

#10: 4 upvotes, submitted by matallo.eth

Peter Thiel: The Stagnation of Science and the AI Revolution

Hope you'll enjoy it!

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