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Kiwi News Recap #38: 04/03-10/03


here are the Kiwi picks from the last week:


CryptoPunk 3100 sold for 4,500 ETH
submitted by macbudkowski.eth

Wyoming enacts a law making it easier for DAOs to incorporate
submitted by macbudkowski.eth

European Commission punishes Apple with fines over €1.8 billion over abusive App Store rules
submitted by mishaderidder.eth

Mystery whale has quietly accumulated over $3 Billion In Bitcoin in 15 months
submitted by timdaub.eth | 1 comment

Kiwi launches Tipping Frames to support writers
submitted by macbudkowski.eth | 1 comment

Essays & Talks

Fred Ehrsam's 2021 essay on surviving crypto cycles
submitted by macbudkowski.eth | 2 comments

Marc Andreessen on how to de-risk a startup
submitted by macbudkowski.eth

Yassine Landa presents the current scale of Web3 Data
submitted by yassinelanda.eth | 1 comment

Gnosis shares their vision for the Gnosis 3.0
submitted by macbudkowski.eth

rm describes how AI agents could turn into NPCs
submitted by mishaderidder.eth

Spotify says that Apple’s anti-competitive behavior is illegal
submitted by mishaderidder.eth

Apple responds to European Commission's decision and accuses Spotify of lobbying
submitted by mishaderidder.eth | 1 comment

Maria Paula shares how using DeFi helped her find a husband
submitted by mishaderidder.eth

Paradigm team looks at DeFi through the lens of perps
submitted by destiner.eth

Signature Block dives into how VCs use data to make better decisions
submitted by frotograf.eth

Alex Kulagin explains why he built a tool that lets you hack everyday devices
submitted by scoop3.eth

Bankless team explores 8 Bitcoin L2s
submitted by mishaderidder.eth

Nouns will spend $300k to build a new everyday Nouns app
submitted by timdaub.eth

Ludicity advises how to become a better leader
submitted by miragenesi.eth

Simon de la Rouviere gets inspired by GPTs and asks what is your system prompt?
submitted by mishaderidder.eth

Uber driver shares his experiences from working during ETH Denver
submitted by cerv1.eth

fil analyzes cost efficiency in Ethereum optimistic rollups
submitted by mishaderidder.eth

Paradigm explains perps with cartoons
submitted by macbudkowski.eth | 1 comment

Staker says that switching from Geth to Nethermind was less scary than he expected
submitted by macbudkowski.eth


Binance launches a new fragrance called ‘CRYPTO’ to attract women
submitted by timdaub.eth

t2 lets users launch a new niche with Territories
submitted by pedrovilela.eth | 3 comments

Kugusha shares no-code Frames 101
submitted by 0xluo.eth

For Devs

Farcaster looks for a new syncing architecture
submitted by macbudkowski.eth | 1 comment

a16z CSX application Fall 2024
submitted by macbudkowski.eth | 1 comment

Paradigm team explains how to raise the Ethereum gas limit
submitted by paulbramas.eth

Sergey Fedorov shares observations on an implementation of distributed protocols after exploring 14 code bases
submitted by 0xDb52…1ec2 | 1 comment

Nader Dabit explains why EigenLayer could be interesting for developers
submitted by pedrovilela.eth

MBD team runs an AI x Web3 social builders hacker house during ETH London
submitted by yassinelanda.eth

Dashboards & Reports

Eth Wave shares a visual ETH supply breakdown
submitted by macbudkowski.eth

Ilemi's query to track ETH flows for given function calls
submitted by macbudkowski.eth | 1 comment


Jacob Horne's essay on AI & its role in onchain economy
submitted by pedrovilela.eth | 4 comments

Recalling 2022 Shl0ms setting Lamborghini Huracan in flames to oppose crypto greed
submitted by pedrovilela.eth | 1 comment


OpenAI responds to Musk by sharing e-mails they exchanged between 2015 & 2018
submitted by timdaub.eth | 1 comment

Claude 3 is much better than GPT-4 and Gemini in coding
submitted by timdaub.eth | 3 comments

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