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Kiwi News Recap #44: 15/04-21/04


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and here are the top links from the last week:


China orders Apple to remove WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal from App Store
submitted by freeatnet.eth | 2 comments

World Chain joins the Superchain
submitted by mishaderidder.eth | 2 comments

Binance converts their $1B SAFU funds to USDC
submitted by timdaub.eth | 4 comments

Justin Sun hired Hans Zimmer to create a TRON anthem
submitted by rvolz.eth | 3 comments

Tether expands beyond stablecoins with four new divisions
submitted by mishaderidder.eth

Gitcoin launched its Gitcoin Grants #20
submitted by macbudkowski.eth | 2 comments

Optimism Foundation shared the details for Retro Funding 4: Onchain Builders round
submitted by macbudkowski.eth

Kiwi introduces new pricing and makes Kiwi subscriptions transferable
submitted by macbudkowski.eth

Essays & Talks

Maria Farrell and Robin Berjon say that we need to rewild the Internet
submitted by freeatnet.eth

Gary Sheng shares the Airchat guide
submitted by annoushka.eth | 2 comments

Annalee Newitz recalls a brief history of brainwashing
submitted by 0x9559… | 2 comments

Nader Dabit suggests that there still aren’t enough blockchain developers
submitted by rvolz.eth | 1 comment

Ken Shirriff explains how HackerNews ranking really works
submitted by samchai.eth | 2 comments

Amirbolous.eth says that you should aim to get rejected often
submitted by leosimon.eth | 2 comments

Cameron calls for building more Farcaster quasi-clients
submitted by realcameron.eth

Aaron Elijah Mars dives deep into proving new worlds with zkTLS
submitted by aaronjmars.eth | 1 comment

Joan Westenberg writes about a difference between curation and creation
submitted by annoushka.eth

Andrew Chen explains how to deal with the “Trough of Sorrow”
submitted by timdaub.eth

Joan Westenberg shows how you could use stoicism to make investing easier
submitted by lilping.eth | 1 comment

Shyam Sankar explains the primacy of winning at Anduril
submitted by profkaterina.eth | 2 comments

Tucker Carlson interviews Pavel Durov, founder & CEO of Telegram
submitted by macbudkowski.eth

L'esprit de l'escalier
submitted by macbudkowski.eth | 1 comment

Crypto Twitter's conversations about cash
submitted by macbudkowski.eth | 2 comments

GC de Paula says that fraud proofs are broken but we can fix them
submitted by karmentruong.eth

Project Glitch asks what more could Tornado Cash developer Alexey Pertsev have done?
submitted by pedrovilela.eth

Jesse Walden shows that tokens are also products
submitted by timdaub.eth

Nina Polo shares a way of solving problems with the help of Nature, Buddhism and design
submitted by 0x6062… | 2 comments

Glassnode analyzes the last spot driven rally
submitted by pedrovilela.eth | 1 comment

Papajams shares a story of $pointless experiment on Lens
submitted by papajams.eth | 1 comment


Kiwi Docs: Learn more about 🥝
submitted by macbudkowski.eth

Unlock Labs integrates Gitcoin Passport
submitted by ethireland.eth

UserOnboard: onboarding teardowns
submitted by macbudkowski.eth

Cromatikap reviews the ethOS phone
submitted by macbudkowski.eth

MKBHD reviews the Humane pin and he says it's the worst product he ever reviewed
submitted by ccarella.eth | 7 comments

Internet Archive snapshot showing how Kiwi News looked on its first day
submitted by timdaub.eth | 1 comment

First Kiwi News submission from April 14, 2023 (1y anniversary)
submitted by timdaub.eth

For Devs

Tim Daub blogpost for OP Labs about minting NFTs from Ethereum on OP Mainnet
submitted by timdaub.eth

Dashboards & Reports

Stack Map of the World
submitted by cerv1.eth | 2 comments


submitted by mishaderidder.eth | 2 comments

Li Jin looks for the role of art in the age of crypto reproduction
submitted by timdaub.eth


Jake Saper and Jessica Cohen says that AI-enabled services are opening a whole new market
submitted by frotograf.eth


Twitter account sharing photos of people selling mirrors
submitted by timdaub.eth | 3 comments

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