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Kiwi News Recap #46: 13/05-26/05


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And here are the top links from the last 2 weeks:


Alex Pertsev, Co-Founder of Tornado Cash, has been sentenced to 5 years of prison
submitted by sileo.eth | 5 comments

U.S. House approves pro-crypto FIT21 bill
submitted by timdaub.eth | 2 comments

Bitwise (and other) Ethereum ETFs are approved
submitted by freeatnet.eth

Farcaster raises $150 Million
submitted by mishaderidder.eth | 7 comments

Julian Assange wins right to appeal on 1st Amendment
submitted by simplifiedprivacy.eth

Lens moves to Ethereum
submitted by pedrovilela.eth | 1 comment

Degen Chain back online: after nearly 48 hours of downtime
submitted by mishaderidder.eth

Solana dev hospitalized trying to pump meme coin
submitted by timdaub.eth

Essays & Talks

Brunny asks if the Ethereum Foundation should dissolve
submitted by macbudkowski.eth | 4 comments

Dankrad and Peter Szilagyi are discussing MEV
submitted by macbudkowski.eth | 1 comment

Vitalik shares the vision of the mid-term future of improving Ethereum’s permissionlessness and decentralization
submitted by timdaub.eth | 5 comments

Vitalik explains how layer 2s differ from execution sharding
submitted by timdaub.eth | 2 comments

Mac shares his meditations on onchain media
submitted by macbudkowski.eth | 2 comments

Molly White talks about Tornado Cash, privacy, and human rights
submitted by mishaderidder.eth | 1 comment

Sriram Krishnan suggests that group chats rule the world
submitted by timdaub.eth | 1 comment

Cobie explains the phenomenon of private capture and phantom pricing
submitted by mishaderidder.eth

Nick Whitaker & J. Zachary Mazlish try to understand why prediction markets aren’t popular
submitted by mishaderidder.eth | 1 comment

Variant explains why they're investing in Farcaster
submitted by timdaub.eth

BlockSec lists TOP10 “awesome” security incidents in 2023
submitted by mobot.eth


Roam: social onchain browser
submitted by xenbh.eth | 2 comments

OpenGlass: Turn any glasses into AI-powered smart glasses
submitted by dylsteck.eth | 1 comment

For Devs

Farcaster decentralized channels docs
submitted by macbudkowski.eth

submitted by macbudkowski.eth | 1 comment

Q Rude FAQ
submitted by mishaderidder.eth

Dashboards & Reports

Andrew Hong explains how to find and analyze trends on Farcaster
submitted by mobot.eth


How to onboard your NFT data to IPFS
submitted by mishaderidder.eth

What is the best way to eat a kiwi?
submitted by dobbie.eth | 1 comment

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