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Kiwi News Recap #52: 01/07-07/07


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and here are the top links from the last week:


Our favorite submissions (so far) from the Kiwi x t2 x Lens writing contest
submitted by macbudkowski.eth

Mt. Gox starts repayments
submitted by macbudkowski.eth

USDC complies with the EU's MiCA
submitted by 0x3818…a6C3

EU Crypto traders urged to convert non-compliant stablecoins
submitted by mishaderidder.eth

Controversies around Polkadot $40 million marketing spend
submitted by 0x2e1E…e84b

Devcon shares their Talks Wishlist
submitted by macbudkowski.eth

Essays & Talks

Polynya argues that Farcaster should be focused on social values over financial values
submitted by mishaderidder.eth | 8 comments

Zinkk shows how blockchains created new problems and how web3 social apps can solve them
submitted by zinkk.eth | 1 comment

Tim Daub writes about Kiwi potentially leaving the Goldilocks zone
submitted by timdaub.eth

Steam users have spent $19 billion on games they’ve never played
submitted by frotograf.eth | 4 comments

Stani asks if the current culture values decentralization
submitted by 0x3582…CC24 | 1 comment

Tom Beck suggests that Curator Economy is the missing piece
submitted by mishaderidder.eth

mjr writes about the meaning of meaningfulness
submitted by m-j-r.eth | 1 comment

Mason Nystrom analyzes the orderflow privatization and suggests that Fat App thesis is back
submitted by timdaub.eth | 1 comment

Mason Nystrom introduces the Hot Start Problem
submitted by rvolz.eth | 1 comment

Teji suggests that the Fun is in the Friction
submitted by teji.eth | 1 comment

Jack Inabinet explains what's the deal with MegaETH?
submitted by mishaderidder.eth

J Adams tries to answer why haven't decentralized social networks taken off yet?
submitted by 0xb013…6430

Jaack says that the future of social networks won't be built by developers
submitted by jaack.eth

183Aaros writes about bridging onchainomics with decentralised social
submitted by 183aaros.eth

Gaby Goldberg says that crypto is facing Good Problems
submitted by timdaub.eth

Proxy wants Farcaster people to be a bit more normal
submitted by timdaub.eth | 1 comment

Ben Horowitz describes the difference between Peacetime & Wartime CEO
submitted by timdaub.eth

Freyja shares her experience after trying dozens of onchain social apps
submitted by imhentai.eth | 1 comment

Juampi analyzes social apps from the content monetization POV
submitted by jampol.eth

Edward Carpenter describes the philosophy for web3 social builders
submitted by ehcarpenter.eth

Arthur Hayes asks us to zoom out
submitted by naomiii.eth

Yancey Strickler explains how to talk about your creative work at a party
submitted by mishaderidder.eth | 2 comments

Fred Wilson shows that writing online is a conversation
submitted by macbudkowski.eth

EthereumFilm team describes their decentralized distribution experiment
submitted by mishaderidder.eth

Joel Khalili shares his report from a16z CSX
submitted by macbudkowski.eth


RebelNet ranks apps' privacy
submitted by simplifiedprivacy.eth | 2 comments

Etherscan: Cards
submitted by macbudkowski.eth

XSCAN: Contracts
submitted by wongssh.eth

Dashboards & Reports

Farcaster Hub Map
submitted by macbudkowski.eth

For Devs
submitted by wongssh.eth

zk-ECDSA (2022)
submitted by sileo.eth | 2 comments

Finding near-duplicates with Jaccard similarity and MinHash
submitted by freeatnet.eth

Stealth addresses: ERC-5564 and ERC-6538 finalized
submitted by 0x3582…CC24

farseer: Another kind of Farcaster hub
submitted by noctisatrae.eth | 5 comments


WWWTXT (1980–94)
submitted by mishaderidder.eth | 1 comment


Scaling synthetic data creation with 1 billion Personas
submitted by mishaderidder.eth

Harrison Chase explains what is a "cognitive architecture"
submitted by imhentai.eth

PS: There's an interesting conversation about privacy happening in this post

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