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Linea x Layer3, Milestones, & L3 Tokenomics

Culture SZN, new milestones, and detailed Layer3 tokenomics

Culture SZN has begun. Collect, vote, and collide with a new era of creativity on Linea β€” exclusively on Layer3. Over the next few weeks, onchain explorers are introduced to:

🎨 Art

🐸 Memes

πŸ•Ή Games

And more, with the opportunity to build community and collect more LXP. Each week, six creators will be showcased with each mint running for only 24H (from 1 PM UTC to 12:59AM UTC).

The community will then vote on their favorites with the top creator receiving the coveted "Linea Guild Trophy.” Week Two is now live, with new mints happening daily. Stay tuned for upcoming content. And with it, a new era of culture and creativity on Linea x Layer3.

Collide with Culture SZN

Airdrops reward the past. What if they could shape the future?

We recently introduced Milestones β€” programmable, future-facing KPIs that dynamically unlock tokens with progressive usage. It's the evolution of airdrops that aligns users and protocols.

Milestones extend token distribution beyond an airdrop to an ongoing, behavior-driven process. Any dapp or chain can use them. Simple examples:

  1. Provide liquidity for 30, 60, 90D β†’ Unlock 10, 20, 30 tokens.

  2. Use 5 apps + active in 3 months β†’ Unlock 50 tokens.

Milestones are tokenomics 2.0 for all of crypto. They ensure tokens drive future activity and ongoing participation. Ready to evolve your token economy?

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Layer3 is the tokenized attention layer.

We're creating a new paradigm where attention is a valued and liquid asset. L3 redefines how value is created and distributed in the digital age.

Learn about L3’s tokenomics

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