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New Incentives on Layer3: Sandbox, Scroll, etc.

Explore leading ecosystems, build omnichain identity, and earn rewards

Last month, crypto explorers earned over $500K in incentives via our infrastructure. This month, we’re taking rewards to the next level.

To start: The Sandbox is teaming up with Layer3 to distribute over 45K in SAND tokens. 10K is distributed in real-time to the first 2,000 participants. The remaining 35K will be allocated by Dune Leaderboard ranking. Play, create, and own in The Sandbox Adventure today.

Join The Sandbox Adventure

Transacting on the Scroll zkEVM network just became 10x cheaper. To celebrate, we're releasing 10 Quests over 10 days — with $100K in rewards. Unlock blazing-fast trades via SyncSwap, tap money markets on Compound, and more across Scroll’s zero-knowledge ecosystem.

Later this month, rewards will be distributed equally for those who complete the full series.

Join the Scroll Sprint

For last month’s onchain explorers, reward claims are live for the Mission $200K! The USDC rewards pool is being distributed by Leaderboard ranking:

  • Tier 1 (2805+ XP): 32.4 USDC

  • Tier 2 (2705 - 2750 XP): 16.48 USDC

  • Tier 3 (2605 - 2675 XP): 11.74 USDC

  • Tier 4 (2250 - 2580 XP): 4.51 USDC

  • Tier 5 (2000 - 2245 XP): 2.44 USDC

An exciting lineup of additional token-rewarding campaigns are coming in May. Stay tuned!

Claim Mission $200K rewards

We’re pioneering the future of decentralized identity and value distribution. If you’re interested in building on Layer3 infrastructure, reach out!

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