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Onchain Alpha: Manta Pacific

Manta Pacific is now live on Layer3

Dive into Manta Pacific’s new EVM-compatible, zk-powered Layer 2 network. See how it compares to competitors and explore leading dapps.

Manta Jumps into Top L2s

The race to scale Ethereum has a new contender. In January, Manta Pacific became the third-largest Layer 2 by total value locked. By this metric, nearly $1.45 billion worth of crypto assets have consolidated on Manta Pacific’s new L2 solution.

Manta Pacific’s recent surge has been driven by incentives, tokenomics, and unique technical virtues. It aims to be “The only Ethereum L2 with native yield for ETH and stablecoins.” Users bridging from Ethereum to Manta during its New Paradigm event could earn 4-5% fixed yield on ETH and stablecoins plus MANTA token rewards.

Discover Manta’s Tech Stack

Its rich incentives are matched by innovative technical details. Manta Pacific enables faster, cheaper transactions with Ethereum compatibility — via a distinct approach versus other L2s. Manta Pacific fuses multiple tech pillars for its scalability solution:

  • Modular Data Availability via Celestia: Manta Pacific uses Celestia for data availability, significantly reducing the data portion of transaction costs for users.

  • Optimistic Rollups via the OP Stack: Manta Pacific achieves EVM compatibility via the OP Stack codebase while driving transaction costs down via Optimistic Rollups.

  • Universal Circuits for zk apps: On Manta, zero-knowledge applications can be created with Universal Circuits that enable zk contracts for Solidity dapps.

  • Transition to full zkEVM via Polygon CDK: Manta Pacific Beta aims to marry Polygon’s zk prover with its OP Stack for a unified architecture fusing all tech pillars.

As a network unifier, MANTA was recently issued as its native utility and governance token. MANTA holders can vote on network proposals, pay transaction fees, and stake to validate.

Explore Manta’s Top Dapps

Will Manta Pacific be able to sustain its remarkable momentum? Explore it for yourself:

Although its mainnet launched in 2023, a vibrant DeFi ecosystem has emerged. Explore LayerBank’s onchain money market, swap and LP on Manta Pacific's top DEXes, and more.

By enabling transaction verification without revealing underlying information, zk tech can transform money, finance, and beyond. Send encrypted emails across chains via Dmail on Manta.

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