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New Guidelines for Creators on Layer3

Introducing new terms for expanding your audience onchain

  • We are taking a more exclusive approach towards onchain creators on Layer3. Each week, we will select only two incentivized mints to distribute on our platform.

  • If you're interested in being featured, please fill out the linked form with key details.

We're excited about the future of onchain media. Our distribution network enables next-level discovery and incentive mechanisms for both creators and collectors alike. So far, Layer3 has driven over 400K mints across Zora, Sound, Pods, Paragraph, and more while distributing over $325K in token rewards back to collectors.

We've helped onchain media pioneers like Coop, Xcelencia, and Levy top the charts on,, Zora, Pods, etc. — while optimizing discovery across apps like Daylight and Coinbase Wallet. On Layer3, creators can unlock next-level attention while rewarding loyal patrons. To streamline our creator program in the future, we're now introducing a more exclusive approach.

New terms for creators on Layer3

To be more selective with the creators we feature while maintaining excitement for our users, we're limiting our program to only two incentivized mints per week. In addition, incentives (whether in OP, DEGEN, ETH, or any other token) should aim for a 0.85x return back to minters.

If you're interested in being featured in future weeks, please fill out the following form. Specify your intended platform, mint URL, and budget. Our team will handpick mints according to the total budget pool and content quality.

We're optimistic about the future of onchain creativity. Layer3 can be a key catalyst for unlocking (and rewarding) new audiences.

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