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Robinhood Wallet x Layer3, Loot, & Free CUBEs

Quests in Robinhood's self-custody app, daily rewards, and more

The exclusive Robinhood Wallet x Arbitrum collection is now live on Layer3!

Discover Arbitrum's leading L2 ecosystem via Robinhood Wallet's self-custody portal today.

Take control of your crypto while exploring new onchain frontiers.

Download Robinhood Wallet here. And stay tuned for more!

Robinhood Wallet on Layer3

Log in to Layer3 daily to open your Loot Box for exclusive rewards. All users are eligible to claim daily Loot Boxes for free. Loot Boxes are now enabled on Polygon. They can contain:

  • Up to 1000XP

  • An L3 airdrop bonus NFT

  • A community governance NFT for an exclusive incentive pool

  • An NFT that gates access to exclusive collections of partner Quests

All users are eligible to claim daily Loot Boxes for free.

Claim your Daily Loot

Layer3 CUBEs are currently the most popular NFTs across Base, Optimism, Arbitrum and zkSync. (Data via

Explore many chains, collect one credential, and earn exclusive rewards.

Mint your free CUBE

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