Proposals 101: Realms

Guide onto creating and executing a proposal on Realms

What is Realms?

Realms is a platform built on Solana that provides tools for builders to create and manage their own DAO. Using Realms, builders can create their own DAO, which allows them to manage their members, vote on proposals, and allocate their treasury. Realms provides a user-friendly frontend interface that allows DAO members to interact with the smart contracts that govern the DAO.

Realms is built on top of SPL Governance, which is a DAO and asset-type agnostic standard for building and maintaining DAOs on Solana. This means that builders can create any type of DAO they want, whether it's a multi-sig DAO, an NFT Community DAO, or a community token DAO.

What is a Proposal?

A proposal (in this case, a DAO proposal) is a formal suggestion submitted by a DAO member advocating for a specific action or change within the DAO. Proposals can range from governance structure changes to fund allocation. They're open for discussion, voted on by members, and if approved, executed, often via smart contracts.

Why would I want to create a proposal?

A key strategy for taking part in a DAO's governance and determining its course is to create a proposal.

Some few broad categories that you can present are:

  • Governance Proposals: These relate to changes in how the DAO is run. They can include changes to the DAO's rules, voting system, membership requirements, or other governance structures.

  • Financial Proposals: These proposals are often related to the DAO's funds or treasury. They could involve deciding how to allocate funds, whether to invest in a certain project, or even changing the DAO's financial strategy.

  • Membership Proposals: These could relate to adding or removing members, changing membership rules, or other topics related to the DAO's members.

Remember, these are just examples. The range of possible proposals is as diverse as the DAOs themselves.

This allows you to actively contribute to the community, shape its rules and operations, and help ensure that it aligns with your vision and values. It's a means of speaking up and having an impact in a decentralized, democratic environment.

How do I create a proposal in Realms?

This step-by-step environment was created in a Community Token DAO.

To create a proposal in Realms, follow these steps:

  1. Head over to https: and choose the DAO you wish to delegate your governance power.

  2. After selecting the respective DAO, head over to New Proposal which should be located at your top right of your screen below the Proposals tab.

    Make sure you have the minimum governance tokens to create a new proposal.
    You can check what's the minimum on DAO Wallets & Assets > DAO Wallet > Rules.

  3. After meeting the requirements of creating a new proposal you will be prompt with the picture below.

    This is the blank 'sheet' you will get to create a proposal, after this the topic of the proposal depends on what you are trying to achieve within your DAO so the transaction that might fill the proposal may vary from person to person.

    In this case we will procced with a simple 'Mint Tokens' proposal.

  4. Here is an example of how a 'Mint Tokens' proposal would look like.

After completing writing the title and description, you have the option for the proposal to be voted by the council or by the community. After that you hop to the transactions tab and you will be able to select what type of instruction you want for the proposal which in our case is to mint our community token. Destination account should be the wallet you want to be receiving these tokens and for the amount relates to how many you want to mint for that specific destination account.

After completing the proposal go ahead and click add proposal.

  1. After completing the proposal, you should be redirected to it and to be able to vote.

    This proposal in specific has different quorum, different max voting time and was set to voted by council voting.
    Depeding on which DAO you are creating a proposal for you might get different values for:

    • Quorum

    • Max Voting Time

    • Proposal Cool-off Time

    • Community Vote Threshold Percentage

    • Council Vote Threshold Percentage

    Where can you check this? The same can be checked on step 2 under DAO Wallets & Assets > DAO Wallets > Rules, there you will be able to find all these parameters.

  1. After a proposal has passed any DAO member will have the option to execute the proposal which will trigger it to execute the instructions set on the proposal.

Need help or have feedback?

We've put together some documentation here, but if you still have questions you'd like answered we’d love to hear from you.

You can reach Realms team via Discord and Twitter.