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Random And Weird, Reality - Week 0/52

The Offering of Kindness and Humanity

“I know COVID is over but can I buy your breakfast or drink?”

I offered, the doctor, nurse, not sure really. She wore green scrubs. Had two phones in her face.

I imagined that I could be kind for a change.

I am dressed in this. (Maybe I look creepy)

Maybe I scared her. Maybe I didn’t ask in the best way.

I’m noticing that when kindness is offered people jump out of their skin.

(Wow, the noise cancelling on the AirPod Max allow me to sit in this overhead light writing this story completely disconnected from the physical space around)

They jump out of their skin. It’s weird. 

Immediately assuming something outside of what is actually happening. We have become separated from the physical reality. Not fully plugged into the digital.

One foot out. One foot in. 

Stretching us, outside of our skin.

Judgement is the way of the past.

This is why judges are the last fall of democracy. It’s the last fall of our modern world.

And co-creation is a rising tide. 

Hey Fred! It’s you again! 

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