The Compression Of Time

The Mutability of Time

Caution: This was originally published in Les's Apple Notes on April 8th, 2023. Then shared with Takeshi on Farcaster Feb 8th, 2023 through sheer happenstance. Shared with you now through sheer destiny. Maz is to blame for it making it to Paragraph.

A "Tell" of Time

A common theme for the last 6 years of my life has been, compression of time.

It’s definitely a weird feeling to have that sense. Something builds up, compresses, then unleashes. Each time, you feel a build up, wondering what this feeling is, then, releaaaase, and you feel like it wasn’t much of anything, but then something else happens, building on the previous thing, making you realize, okay, yeah, it was something after all.

Each time, there is apprehension of, “what is this sense of compression I feel in my chest”. Some may attribute this to meaning, or sense making. But this is beyond that, this is “time-travel”.

For a while, I thought this would stop happening. After each compression, and each release, at some point it all ends. This may be true, it all does end, the end is simply death. Between then and now, it doesn’t end. So long as you are progressing with information and you respect the minds need for space.

Why do I say “time-travel”?

Simple, the time has shrunk between each compression cycle. Each sense of compression and release has felt bigger and bigger. Yet, the time taken to build up and release the compressions have been smaller and smaller.

In other words; it almost feels like I’m slowing time down, processing way more, while more things are happening around me and to me, with the exact same time as before.

IRL examples:

  • Just like this exchange with Takeshi.

  • Conversation with Maz

Extra Material below. The original article ended above this. You don't have to read this. Just me taking notes really.

Small update since publishing (~48mins ago):

When you can compress more into less time you get to do more things for your family. This is underlying reason I so strongly believe in web3. A decentralized society can live a richer more "full-er" life. Yes, I also see some down-sides, those down-sides are inevitable, just like living a richer life is. Don't fool yourself.

From the moment of posting this till now (~50 mins ago):

I have reached out to people all over the world. Submitted docs on shitty comm channels. Worked on some ideas. I think I am helping troubleshoot a product that I love, Checked some socials. Wrote another peace (yes I wrote peace). Probably some other stuff I can't think of right now but imagine the possibility.

Last thought (~53 mins ago):

Imagine if more families around the world existed knowing they could do their life's work, by growing their family, and providing for their family without the modern day constraints of time. I say we change time. Who knows maybe birth rates increase? Nah, this is too good to be true. For another fiction story some day. Would we need to solve energy first? Mmh. I wander.

I woke up today (~2hours ago).

Shit am I being unproductive with my time? Nah i'm good. brb. Going to check Farcaster.

I mean, c'mon. I even got to edit my plane tickets for my 3yo who insisted her 7month old be written in on the ticket.

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