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back to reality

yes, i know, i'm late with this episode

just got back from devconnect istanbul and ethglobal, last 10 days have been incredibly intense

istanbul was incredible but also interestingly different from what i expected, the city is beautiful but also really chaotic!

about the week and devconnect, the best way to describe is this quote that i found on twitter many times now: "coworking is the new conference"

the whole web3 ecosystem (the real one) spent a week in a huge and amazing coworking space, sharing ideas, insights, experience, coffee time and chit chats

that to me is the best way to connect and shape the future, sparkling new collaborations and projects or strengthening friendships and partnerships

sharing is caring, and doing it irl brings much more value to the table

sometimes during the week i felt unproductive because i met so many people that i wanted to chat with and i was not really working (or coding hehehe) but then i understood that it's okay, we were all there to do that, there will be time to work (now!)

another thing that i noticed one more time is the energy of urbe.eth, our community, that showed up with 15-ish ppl, bringing good vibes and incredible skills

in web3 it's common to be autonomous and nomading around alone but urbe it's different, urbe moves as a pack, we move all together and wherever we go people notice us, and not only because when we go abroad we are a group of drunk and loud italians

then why?

simple, cause after spending a whole week drinking, partying and not sleeping much, we then rock at hackathons: at the last ethglobal istanbul 4 teams from urbe.eth people won a total amount $30k in prizes from sponsors (yeah this is me bragging urbe, once in a while)

after so many trips together we built very strong friendship, not only within us and our community, but also with other communities that now i feel family and it's always wonderful to meet each other around the world sharing incredible experiences, it's invaluable

anyways, back to rome, back to reality, after a year around web3 events and hackathons all around the world, my frens will be happy to know that i'll stay in rome for a couple months, planning to start my crazy trips in march 2024

i will use this time to focus on building stuff, there's a lot cooking with the builders garden initiative that i'm launching with orbulo and frank

you can check the last project that we built at ethglobal istanbul here, with the help also of darph

also, i need sometime to recharge and reset my body, getting back my routine, with proper diet and exercise (always important)

probably it will be difficult and boring to stay in rome for so long, but that's it, i need to face this and the only way to avoid that is to keep doing stuff with urbe, growing our web3 bubble here, i'll do my best!

i will try to organize my time better to not get overwhelmed and burnout

i definitely need more disconnected time, not sure yet how or where to find it, but i'm thinking about buy a ps5 to avoid spending evenings during the week on my laptop 🙂 (other than gym and proper diet, exercise is important!)

so yeah i'm back to reality, but feeling more energy than ever, i want to build cool stuff, so stay tuned!

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