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creativity and multipotentiality

can't stop thinking about HOW MUCH I LOVE BUILDING NEW STUFFF

yo gm, back for another of my braindump 🧠

this last week i've been doing a whole lot of stuff and god knows how much i love being involved in so many activities (even if sometimes i go crazy).

i'm kind of finding my routine within all the projects i'm involved.

i'm mainly focused on and split3 right now, and then keep doing stuff with urbe.eth as always.

the onchain circle idea i was talking about last week is now standby, but ppl on crypto twitter and farcaster apparently want to see it live, that's why i'm planning that behind the scenes (stay tuned).

lately i've been thinking a lot about what am i doing, the direction i'm going and understanding the why behind it.

when people ask me "what's your job" or "what you are working on rn" it's never easy for me to answer cause i do a lot of different stuff.

of course my main thing is software engineering and tech aka developing software products, but at the same time i do community and organize events, i also find out i'm a good speaker, i love music and i do dj sometimes, i have a strong interest in graphics & design (drawing interfaces on figma is so relaxiiiing lool) and more.

of course all this stuff is always somewhat related to my main thing, but still i can't deny that i'm plenty of hobbies that at some point might just take-off!

one mental switch that i made lately is that i no more like just "coding" products, i like "building" products, much more wide as a term and i feel like better express how much i like getting involved in creating something new.

i don't think i'm the best programmer on earth and i don't even try to be that, cause i know that i can contribute to much more areas that it's okay for me to accept being a generalist rather than a specialist.

if i need a specialist for something specific, i know i can find it.

another thing that i know is that i'm good at coming up with new ideas, putting together different fields and niches.

i see three reasons for that:

  • hackathons: i've been to a lot of them this year taught me a lot on coming up with an idea and scoping it down to execute in a weekend

  • articles: ever since i joined web3, i've been reading a lot of articles from different people, niches and topics, of course still focusing on areas of my interests but still getting many different perspectives and insights

  • people: everyone that i met this year either online or offline taught me, influenced me and inspired me a lot (last one to mention kugusha, who inspired me about pulse - that we built in ethglobal istanbul)

however, so far i felt (and i actually was) stuck at the idea level, not being able to bring any of these projects or prototypes forward.

thankfully i'm now working with some frens and having fun while pushing forward our projects together and i'm sure we can go many steps ahead to where i usually stopped.

i'm then sure about my goal for 2024 or at least for the next months, is proving to be able to actually launch some of these projects in production, having real users testing it and gather feedbacks on top of which run further iterations.

sometimes i feel the pressure of being my own manager, sometimes i feel very privileged to be in my position.

in the past months i've been learning how to manage myself and my time and i feel like i'm getting better at it, while still being able to coordinate between multiple projects and activities.

so yeah, just to recap, i feel good, i feel creative, and i feel i'm on the right path cause definitely i'm enjoying my life, can't complain ya know!

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