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keep building

we're just getting started

god knows how much i enjoy building new stuff, experimenting with tech and trying out ideas

i think that all of this started through minecraft, a game where i spent lot of time during high school hehehe

minecraft was cool for me because i had access to an open sandbox where to build whatever i wanted, creative mode was so fun (u know what i mean if u ever played it)

i remember building entire towns, villages, temples, automated farms and watching youtube videos to get inspiration for my next build

at some point i even created an ice-themed server with some friends and got around 30 players sticking around for days!

i remember the energy and adrenaline in seeing people interested in something i created, and some of them even paying for it lol

i think this energy is very similar to what i experience as a software engineer and web3 builder

i find the web3 ecosystem similar to a minecraft world in creative mode (sometimes though it feels more like survival hardcore mode)

a universe of open protocols, sdks, frameworks, documentations that everyone can permissionlessly use as lego blocks to create something new

opensource, interoperability and composability allow me to explore the full potential of my creativity when coming up with an idea or a solution to solve a problem

and actually there's a lot that i've been cooking lately:

  • i've been working on builderfi's recommendation engine to suggest you interesting builder to follow, given your onchain social graph

  • i've been planning a lot for split3, the splitwise for crypto, and we will finally start working on it from monday on

  • i've been doing some follow-ups for pulse, understanding if there's potential to push it forward after the hackathon (ethglobal istanbul) - and yeah, i think there is

  • i've started a lil (not very lil) side-project about finding users' onchain circle, like you do on twitter to see people you interacted with the most, same visualization but given your onchain activity

i'm not building all of these thingies alone cause i have around me inspiring frens and it's always fun to learn and experiment with new stuff together

in the meantime, we also had our 13th edition of urbe talks, the first one after ethrome, so big up for urbe!

now, forgive me, i'll get back to building.

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