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tension means aliveness

delusion and builder energy are the keywords of my last week.

on one side delusion 😓 because of some personal matters that i don't want to explain here.

i know for a fact that i could have spent my energy much better at the beginning of last week.

you know, i’m a builder and i just want to build. i have a clear goal in my mind now and i don’t want to let anybody distract me from that, but unfortunately that happened.

thus, i’ll also avoid spending too much time here talking about that.

i just want to get a quote from a book i’m now reading (impact networks by david ehrlichman): “no tension in a system signifies no aliveness, no learning, no evolution.

yeah, might sound obvious, but i felt really good right after reading it.

i started seeing certain things differently.

on the other side, builder energy because of different reasons.

one is good news that the “collective of builders” thingy i mentioned a couple of weeks ago is coming to life.

me, orbulo and frankc started working together on split3 (we also involved mattiapomelli in the project who created that with me in ethwarsaw), making a plan and trying to find our ways into bootstrapping the effort.

then, we also started collaborating closer with talent protocol on some experiments they are running internally.

it’s always fun and inspiring to work and build with new people and tech around.

in particular, i’m helping with, a new project they started in ethsingapore that they want to ship and validate soon. is a socialfi app where experienced builders can monetize their knowledge and earn crypto by answering questions.

my main task is to create a recommendation engine that matches people and suggests to them who to connect/interact with.

great energy also from our hackathon experience in ethlisbon 2023.

one year after our first hackathon together (our first urbe delegation, where ethrome idea was first conceived), we were again hacking together in portugal.

this time we built threelingo: a gamified learning experience around web3 development.

check it out here:

lisbon was amazing as always, i met a lot of friends again while also spending some nostalgic time with my urbe friends.

it was cool to be back!

next on the list there’s istanbul, with devconnect and ethglobal.

last urbe delegation and hackathon for this year.

hmu if you'll be there and wanna meet!

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