BUILD Announcement #2

Airdrop 1 ends tomorrow, make sure you’re eligible.


  • BUILD Airdrop 1 ends on June 4th, at 9pm UTC, with a data snapshot.

  • With 150K+ users and 1.5M+ nominations, our social graph is large enough to move forward.

  • Nominations will be paused for a week, while we verify airdrop eligibility and nomination data.

  • You need an FID or ENS older than May 15th, or a Proof of Humanity credential to be eligible.

  • The Airdrop 1 token claiming period is June 11th to July 1st.

  • Eligible users will be able to convert BUILD Points to $BUILD Tokens (ratio to be calculated)

  • New announcement, later this week, about the exciting stuff happening this summer!

Mission Accomplished 🫡

In 20 days, more than 150K Farcaster and Talent Protocol users made 1.5M+ nominations. Not all of them are onchain builders, but the main goal of this 1st game was to reach as many builders as possible, even if we got some bots in the mix.

As a community-owned project, we want to avoid any type of censorship, which means all eligible users will be able to claim tokens (check eligibility criteria below).

But BUILD is about creating value and giving back, not about taking advantage. So we will reward verifiable builders (via selected Talent Passport credentials and manual review) with a token allocation multiplier of up to 10x. For transparency, each user will see their multiplier when claiming tokens.

Eligibility Criteria

Only users who nominated someone are eligible to claim tokens. Users who didn’t play the BUILD game, before it ended on June 4th 9pm UTC, are not eligible.

Additionally, and to prevent sybils abusing the system, all Farcaster or ENS accounts created after the BUILD launch (May 15th 23:59 UTC), will NOT be eligible to claim tokens.

Players are free to create new Talent Passport accounts after this date (so that they can increase their Builder Score), but their Talent Passport needs to hold at least one of these 3 credentials:

  1. Farcaster Credential with FID owned by your wallet before May 15th, or

  2. ENS Credential with a Primary Name owned by your wallet before May 15th, or

  3. Proof of Humanity Credential (currently, Gitcoin Passport and World ID are available)

We’ll take a snapshot of all participants’ Talent Passport before the Airdrop 1 campaign ends.

You can’t participate in the Airdrop 1 campaign with different wallets. You can have multiple wallets connected to your Talent Passport and Farcaster account, but only one wallet will be eligible to claim $BUILD tokens (the exact claiming flow will be shared soon). This means that each FID will only be able to claim tokens once, with one wallet. The same for Talent Passport.

Information about the eligibility criteria is public, on the BUILD FAQ, since BUILD launched on May 14th. Initially, Proof of Humanity was mandatory, but after hearing the community’s feedback, we decided to loosen the criteria, and also allow for FIDs or ENS names older than May 15th to also be eligible to claim tokens from Airdrop 1.

If you’re not eligible, you have until June 4th, at 9pm UTC to add a Gitcoin Passport credential or a World ID credential to your Talent Passport.

What now?

On June 4th, at 9pm UTC, we will take a snapshot of all users, new nominations will be disabled and BUILD Points and Daily Budget will be locked, until a new game starts.

Users will be able to claim their Airdrop 1 $BUILD tokens between June 11th and July 1st.

During the down time, between June 4th and June 11th, we will:

  1. check eligibility of all users, verify nomination data, and flag abusive behavior

  2. remove all nominations and points distributed by non-eligible accounts

  3. recalculate the total amount of points distributed during Airdrop 1

  4. calculate the ratio to convert the total amount of points distributed, to the 150B $BUILD tokens allocated to Airdrop 1 (pro rata, not 1:1)

  5. add the token allocation multiplier to all verifiable builders

  6. develop smart contracts to claim tokens and update the website

  7. do infrastructure upgrades

What’s next?

New announcement, later this week, with more details about the claiming process and the exciting stuff happening this summer!

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