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BUILD Log #7: BUILD Noms Are Back!

A 2nd round of BUILD noms will kick off on July 16th


  1. BUILD noms are coming back on July 16th!

  2. A total of 50B $BUILD will be distributed by nominations this summer.

  3. Only committed builders are allowed to nominate.

  4. Unlimited weekly nominations, instead of a maximum of 3 noms per day.

  5. BUILD is in Brussels this week, say hi!

BUILD noms are coming back on July 16th!

We're about to kick off the 2nd round of BUILD nominations. On Tuesday, July 16th, you'll be able to start rewarding your favorite onchain builders again.

For this Summer round of noms, a total of 50B $BUILD will be distributed to all builders that participate, proportionally to the total amount of points they receive.

The tokens to distribute are part of the BUILD Summer Fund, which consists of the $BUILD tokens committed by almost 40K different people.

What are the main changes?

  1. Only committed builders allowed (committed 100% in Airdrop 1 or hold >10M $BUILD).

  2. The nomination cycle will be weekly, instead of daily, and will restart every Tuesday.

  3. Unlimited weekly nominations, instead of a maximum of 3 noms per day.

  4. Your budget is the total amount of BUILD points you distribute per week, to all noms combined.

  5. There will be new ways to nominate builders, on Farcaster and other apps.

Let's recap how BUILD noms work

Only Builders Allowed

Anyone with a Farcaster or a Talent Passport account can receive nominations, but making at least 1 nomination will be required to claim tokens in the end of the round.

Sybil protection will be stricter than in Airdrop 1, so to nominate you need to either:

  1. have committed 100% in Airdrop 1, OR

  2. hold >10M $BUILD and have a verified checkmark on Talent Passport*

*although a Talent Passport is required to nominate, we create one automatically for all new users who make a nomination on Farcaster or

BUILD Budget and Points

All builders receive a weekly budget of BUILD Points.

Your weekly budget is the total amount of BUILD points you will distribute that week when you nominate others.

Your weekly budget is NOT the value of each nomination, so the more people you nominate, the less points each one will receive.

The budget is divided evenly between all your weekly nominations. You don't need to specify an amount, like on $DEGEN for example, you just need to nominate a person. That's it!

The main factors to calculate your weekly budget are:

  • Tokens Committed on Airdrop 1

  • Builder Score

  • $BUILD tokens you hold

The nomination week ends on Mondays, which means both your weekly budget and nominations reset every Monday as well.

Weekly Nominations

We want noms to feel more authentic and thoughtful. Thats why this 2nd round of noms will work on a weekly cycle instead of a daily cycle.

You will have unlimited weekly nominations, instead of max 3 per day. You can't nominate the same person twice in the same week, but you’ll be able to nominate the same builder in different weeks.

The motivation to nominate should be intrinsic, so we're removing 10% points reward for nominating others.

There will be new ways to nominate builders, in Farcaster and in other partner apps. More info about this soon. Subscribe to this publication and follow @buildbot to be notified of future announcements.

BUILD is in Brussels this week

If you're in Brussels for EthCC or ETHGlobal, join us on:

July 8th, at Superchain Space

Don't miss our keynote "BUILDing Crypto’s Most Committed Community" at 14:00.

July 12th, at Builders Brunch Club

​​Base, BUILD, Eden and Talent Protocol are calling all onchain builders to celebrate Onchain Summer together, in Brussels.

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