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Discover Alice's Adventure: A Story Full of Choices, Cool Tech, and Special Treasures!

Embark on a Digital Odyssey: Unraveling Choices, Nifty Tech, and Novel Treasures with Alice!

Dear Reader,

We are super excited to share with you a magical tale called “A Short ALICE.” It's not just a story, but an adventure where you get to help Alice make choices in a world full of wonder, peculiar characters, and even some troubles.

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Dive into Alice's Tale

Alice is a curious girl who finds herself in a strange, whimsical world where things aren't as they seem. She meets quirky characters and faces challenges that make her think hard about what's right and what's wrong. With your help, Alice navigates through social troubles and learns valuable lessons along the way. And guess what? The story changes based on what you decide to do!

Cool Tech Behind the Scenes: Ink, ChatGPT, and DALLE-3

Our tale is brought to life using some really cool tech stuff! We used a special storytelling tool called Ink to build the story. Then, there's ChatGPT, which created the interactive story and supported with the code. And the cherry on top is DALLE-3, which draws amazing pictures to make the story even more colorful and exciting!

Your Choices Create Special Treasures: Free NFTs

Here's where it gets extra fun! At the end of the adventure, depending on the choices you made, you can get a special treasure – a unique ending that you can keep as a free NFT (a digital collector's item) on the Zora blockchain. It's like a badge of honor, showing what path you helped Alice take in her story!

What's Next? More Story Fun with GPT-4

We're already dreaming about the next chapter of Alice's adventure. We plan to use an even cooler tech, GPT-4, to automatically create new twists and turns in Alice's tale. It means the story can continue to change and grow all by itself!

Ready to jump into the magical world and help Alice on her journey?
Start the adventure now: Click to Play A Short ALICE

Thank you for joining us on this exciting storytelling ride!

Warm wishes!

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