How to take a snapshot of the Holders of an NFT on base? the easy way and the free way

a few way to take a snapshot of NFTs minted on base L2

So I was looking for an easy way to take a snapshot of the holders of the paid group NFT which is On Base L2 and I think it would be beneficial to some NFT artists on Farcaster if I write about the things I found.

The wrong options

There are multiple ways to do this, If you know the holders are less than 1000 addresses, you can copy and paste from basescan to Excel (or use a web scrapper) and call it a day (the basescan API is another option If you are willing to pay 199$ a month). There is a website called which takes the contract address of the NFT and returns the list of the Holders and the number of NFTs they hold, but this tool is not accurate for some reason, so that is also out of the question.

The easy option

Make an account on airstack, and head over to their amazing explorer tools, for our case, their token explorer, copy and paste your contract address and you will have most of what you would need, you can even add two addresses to select people who have both NFTs or select people who have an active Farcaster or lens account:

the catch? It only shows the first 30 results and to get the rest you either have to download as CSV (which I know is not free) or use the API (But If you are not a programmer can be a little tricky).

The Free options

So now I'm going to talk about some free options. for the first one, go to and register an account, make a test app on their dashboard, and then head over to the sandbox. choose base as network, select NFT category, and search for getOwnersForNFT_v3 in methods. then put your contract address and token ID and hit send request, the API returns all of the current holders in the response box:

There is also another really good free option, a really nice query written by @SQX on Dune to determine holders of a specific Farcard is a really good example of this method, you can query the holders of a base NFT directly on Dune, you can check this query in this link and it works as good as the airstack option.

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