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The MINE.FM Cookbook

How to make Music Industry™

Ingredients for your own homemade music-industry:

  1. Talent

  2. Electronic or non-electronic instruments.

  3. Community

  4. An internet connection

  5. Digital identification like an email, phone number, or a crypto-wallet.

  6. Currency


Today, making your own organic music-industry is simple thanks to MINE.FM! With the ingredients shown above we simplify the process of discovering music and making it profitable for both artists and their fans, which is a critical step for creating a delicious music-industry.

In past years, good music-industry required a down payment on devices branded with etched in grooves, each bought and sold at a profit. This large initial cost for distribution made the business of cooking music industry an exclusive one, reserved for those with considerable amounts of capital and connections. We could always produce music anywhere with anything, but capturing the essence of sound and sharing it with others became a costly endeavor–that is, until the world went digital.

Today the ingredients for music-industry are in surplus. Not unlike sugar and fats today, they are necessary but often misused or placed in excess. And with the bounty that technology brings, many of the artisans that are required to make music-industry can no longer afford to fetch the flour to make the bread that is music. The bread itself has lost its market-value amongst our technological progress. But despite overproduction, the music still has tremendous value. The bread is still good; still delicious.

Consider our ingredients. Community is the element which joins the music to industry. It is how we can understand the allure and value of our modern musical buffets, the one stop shop of seemingly countless options to fill our endless appetite. Except the appetite is not endless, the options are only countless until familiarity sets in, and you realize many of the dishes are repeated and pre-made–simply frozen and reheated.

Enter MINE.FM, a place to make your own homemade music-industry, share it with your friends, friends of friends and anyone with good taste. With a dash of crypto, and creative technology you can connect with anyone in the world to make music-industry.

Remember, no true music industry can be made individually, community is essential when preparing your ingredients.

Our technology is new, but powerful, giving anyone the ability to create a livestream from anywhere in the world and gather their community in our three step process called Stream, Discover, Earn:

  • Step 1: STREAM

    • An Artist creates a new livestream event via MINE.FM with a specified date, time and starting entry price (in ETH).

  • Step 2: DISCOVER

    • After the event is created, fans of the artist can discover the latest livestreams through our explore page as well as other content.

    • Once a fan finds the stream that they would like to attend, they can RSVP to the event by minting a Memory Card to their wallet or account.

    • As more people mint a Memory Card the cost of minting goes up, in other words: the early bird gets the (cheaper) worm.

    • When it is time for the livestream to begin, fans will be given access to the livestream page as long as they are connected to the account that owns the Memory Card for the specific event.

    • The sales mechanism ensures that the bigger the livestream, the greater the treasury, and thus the bigger the reward.

  • Step 3: EARN

    • Everyone who attends a livestream event gets a percentage of earnings back from entering the livestream.

    • All earnings that are made from mint sales are stored in a contract that only gets split once the live stream is over. The earnings are first split between three (3) groups: The artist who gets the majority, the protocol which takes a small percentage fee, and the listeners.

    • How much each listener makes from this pool of ETH is then based on our reward rankings algorithm which examines things like how early you entered a stream and attendance duration.

When creators can make money for their creative work alone, and the smartest and most loyal fans can turn a profit from discovering music, we're able to cultivate a music industry fit for modern times. So changing how we listen to music is not modern enough, instead MINE.FM is changing who makes the music industry as a whole.

To add your own ingredients to our recipes for music-industry make sure to sign-up for our beta at or reach out to us directly on Twitter/X.

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