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Scammers Are Getting Smarter

I wanted to share a recent experience to help protect others. Three days ago, this account (@cod4) DM'd me on farcaster, claiming to represent Flux-Web3 and looking for influencers to become ambassadors for their project. I knew this was a scam but i enjoy messing with scammers, so I responded and waited for the usual suspicious link.

Instead, the person explained more about the project and sent me a real project link.

Still suspicious, I asked him to DM me from the RunOnFlux official Twitter account. I expected them to give up, but instead, they directed me to their personal Twitter page listed on the team's website. Shocked, I went to the RunOnFlux website and clicked on the Twitter link for Alex Perritaz, which led to a Twitter account (@Jiiminy). I DM'd him, and he confirmed he was the one talking to me on Farcaster.

At this point, I was at a dead end, so I decided to take one more step. He told me they would like to hold a meeting with other ambassadors and asked me to sign up for a meeting on their calendar ( and After that, they will send me an agreement that needs to be signed. This link was safe too. I started to doubt my initial suspicion and thought maybe he wasn't a scammer.

so I reached out to the project's team on Discord. They confirmed that this was indeed a scam and that it was not the real Alex's account. Somehow, the scammer's Twitter was linked on the RunOnFlux website. I informed the team, and they said they would fix it ASAP (8 hours have passed since, and the Twitter link is still there).

Scammers are getting smarter and more sophisticated. They don't just send obvious scam links anymore—they look legit.

Please be cautious and always verify through multiple channels before clicking any link or installing anything on your computer. Stay safe!

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