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GM DePinners: May Recap on all things Morpheus.Network

Thank you to the 2,700 subscribers who have joined us here.

It's been just three weeks since our journey began, and look how far we've come already! A massive thank you to all 2,700 subscribers who have joined us, tuning in to everything happening within the Morpheus.Network team. Here’s a quick recap of our activities for the month of May.

Let's Go Save Some Animals - DePIN for Designing Data-Driven Supply Chains

We kicked off our time here reflecting on the role of supply chain transparency when it comes to tracking the food we eat and waste every year.

Morpheus.Network Accepted into Prestigious Paddle AI LaunchPad

Big news! Morpheus.Network has been accepted into the prestigious Paddle AI LaunchPad. This marks a significant milestone in our journey, providing us with resources and exposure to accelerate our growth and innovation in the AI space.

What's Under the Hood? Tracking the Teslas of Tomorrow

Curious about the transport industry? We are too. Did you know that on average there are over 10,000 parts in the Tesla Model 3. Our advanced blockchain technology changes the game when it comes to how we monitor and manage supply chains for electric vehicles.

Masternodes Beta Phase 8 Rewards Payout and Phase 9 Kickoff

The Masternodes Beta Phase 8 rewards payout was a success, and we’ve kicked off Phase 9 with even more exciting opportunities. Stay tuned as we continue to refine and enhance our masternode program for better rewards and participation.

Morpheus.Network Community Update: 2024 First Quarter Review and This Year's Roadmap

Our first-quarter review and this year’s roadmap have been shared with the community. We’re committed to transparency and keeping you informed about our progress and future plans.

Mongolia and Morpheus.Network Team Up

In an exciting development, Morpheus.Network has teamed up with Mongolia, making headlines for our collaborative efforts. This partnership aims to leverage our technology to enhance Mongolia’s supply chain systems.

Unlocking Efficiency: RWA Tokenization Meets Middleware Supply Chain Management

The powerful combination of RWA tokenization and supply chain management will streamline processes and drive greater productivity.

Don't Panic and Always Carry a Towel (Like Dan Did at Vivatech)

At Vivatech, Morpheus Network Co-Founder, Dan Weinberger was rubbing shoulders will the tech giants and reminding us all to not Panic and Always Carry a Towel.

We partied at Web3 Daze, Consensus

Consensus was a blast! We partied at Web3 Daze, connecting with industry leaders and enthusiasts, and celebrating the strides we’ve made in the blockchain space.

Sustainable Supply Chains: Harnessing RWA Tokenization for Ethical Sourcing and Green Practices

Sustainability is a core value at Morpheus.Network. We’re harnessing RWA tokenization to promote ethical sourcing and green practices, ensuring our supply chains are not only efficient but also environmentally responsible.

From BUIDL Mode to SHIP Mode, LFG

We’ve transitioned from BUIDL mode to SHIP mode, ready to deliver on our promises and make impactful changes in the supply chain industry.

Stay tuned for the latest news, updates, and more exciting developments as we continue to innovate and grow. Here’s to another fantastic month ahead! 🚀

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