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What to Expect from Mr. Wildenfree

Ways I seek to connect & add value

Peace & Blessings,

Welcome to A Wildenfree World... I go by Mr. Wildenfree. I'm an eclectic soul, still making my own sense of reality. Gaining clarity on ways I can enjoy the journey, provide value & earn reciprocity.

For what is to come, I am cultivating community around the following:

  • MUSIC — I am a Lyrical Performing Music Artist. A Lyricist, if you couldn't already tell (having explored spoken word, poetry & poetic lyricism). I have music on all major streaming platforms under my artist name, "Mr. Wildenfree". For those who appreciate my music & wish to follow along in that journey, I seek to nurture & hold space for that connection. I'd like to tap in, share some songs, provide some value, and let you all collect some cool sounds along the way. Be sure to stay tuned. For now, find my music & other relevant links here.

  • WEB3 — As a Technologist, I am profoundly inspired by what is developing within the burgeoning sectors of Blockchain & Web3. The technology, protocols, use-cases & its implications are what perpetually has me inspired. I wish to share whatever synthesis of ideas I am privy enough to provide from my perspective, in order to inspire my community to explore it all. There's some music NFTs you can find via the link above too.

  • ANIME — I said what I said. Joyfully connecting with other human beans of culture. Dare I push the line even further & say that I am down the slippery slope of being an Anime Pin Collector, which may sound otiose to some, but brings me a silly joy for which I remain grateful. Should any of that interest you, stick around. See pin my collection here.

  • PRODUCTIVITY (Notion*) — As of now, I am a Notion Certified Ambassador, one who has utilized the platform since 2018 & have managed my systems with it. I am creating templates that I wish to share, to help my growing community get organized around the things that they love. Notion is an all-in-one workspace tool that has a mission I enjoy, "To make software tool making ubiquitous". As one who meanders inquisitively yet slowly into understanding code (and primarily using no-code & low-code platforms), I appreciate tools that democratize & make more accessible the productivity that comes from having bespoke, digital systems. Find my Notion & tech related resources here.

    • Notion is certainly not the only tool in my tech stack, and I will gladly bring to light any other apps & services that I have benefitted from as we progress. Paragraph is certainly one of them.

    • While times change & platforms come & go, I know that Notion may not always be the tool of choice... and I am comfortable with that realization as I know "change is the only constant". All the same, I at least wish to highlight where I am now as a beacon to those who may be on a similar wavelength in their current chapter. So if you are a creative entrepreneur, small business owner, freelancer, music artist or all-around awesome human bean that happens to be exploring how to get organized & develop systems for yourself, then that is where I seek to connect. I may provide something of value for you — and I too, would be grateful to learn from you.

  • WELLL... — I like to dive deep. There may be times I wish to share in my thoughts as I mine for clarity. The reflections may be esoteric, metaphysical, spiritual, existential, philosophical, technological or cathartic in nature. Happy to share with those that wish to hear from that side of me.

With all that being said, I'm working on my consistency. It has come to my attention that I may have neurodivergent tendencies.

That does not deter me from striving ever forward. I will be finding ways to honor those who wish to support me on this journey of providing value via whatever means are feasible to me. It can start with something as generous as you choosing to subscribe to my newsletter here.

It is also possible to support these ideas by securing this post as a digital collectible, whether in full or even by highlighting your favorite quotes.

Beyond that, I will introduce some incentives & value adds along the way. I am already grateful for whatever patronage, elevation & support you choose to provide, even the act of sharing this with your tribe.

That's all for now folks, until next time.

All the best,
Mr. Wildenfree 🐺🍵🎵

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