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You Have to See it, to Believe It

Not just speaking it into existence, but "seeing" it into existence.

There is an unmistakable, borderline ethereal wave of clarity that washes over you when "seeing the vision clearly".

I find there to be nothing more progressive in my day-to-day than taking a moment to shift my awareness through the approaching moments, into visions of the future of my deliberate making.

Perceptually, it is a volley of sorts. Bouncing forth from the now as far out as I can idealistically dream, then gliding back down through a trajectory of premise & likely promise. As I touch back down to the here & now, once again there's another volley up to retain the certainty of perception that came from this intentional ideation. Surely then, like a slinky down a staircase, I work my way back to the present; tapping on the steps it'd take to get there — to that meaningfully ideal perspective of the future — once again.

It is the knowingness of what actions I can take, along with the order in which to take them, that resonates throughout such a pristine & joyfully clear mind.

Should there be any kind of call to action within this message of mine, it would be... "do not withdraw from the beckoning of your own mental clarity."

Often what cripples us is our own stagnation; the relinquishing of our ability to act in the face of what is attainable action. It is my aim to never forsake the lucid frame that maintains my recognition of the elusive yet radiant future that calls to me.

From this side, I can only speak the same into existence for you... You will have to take it upon yourself to see it into fruition for your own existence.

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All the best,
Mr. Wildenfree 🐺🍵🎵

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