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Multiplying Your Presence Across the Web: Enter "Yup" โ€” The App Unifying Social Media

An introduction to Yup & thoughts on navigating the growing complexities of web2 & web3 (decentralized) social experiences as a creative.

Welll... many of us know that familiar struggle of being a creative entrepreneur in the age of social media. Juggling multiple accounts, crafting content for each platform, and hoping it reaches the right people at the right time.

Let Gary Vee tell it, you've got enough time to make unique content for each platform, as they all have specific mediums & audiences in which they excel... Except, that's not quite the case โ€” at least not anymore, as it pertains to the choice medium of expression.

Lately, we've seen a growing number of familiar platforms. The primarily text-based, microblogging social networks that are often regarded as the world's "digital town square". That is how Elon Musk put it when discussing the importance of Twitter, now ๐•, which he now owns.

๐• is far from the only one, however. BlueSky, Threads, Mastadon, Farcaster, Lens, DeSo and what seems to be an ever-growing list of familiar platforms are all contending for our attention... and that's just the text-based ones.

As Creative Entrepreneurs sharing our content in as many places as possible in order to make a living & find our tribe of supporters, working to be present on all of these social platforms is more than enough to make us feel overwhelmed. Thankfully, Yup has appeared at a pivotal time to help keep us sane.

What is Yup?

Yup is a web2 & web3 decentralized social media aggregator & content scheduling app, allowing cross-posting while also pulling in feeds from ๐• (Twitter), BlueSky, Farcaster & Lens. Surely more platform connections will come as time goes on.

The key features that make Yup stand out are:

  • CrossPosting Threads โ€” You're able to publish threaded content across each of those platforms simultaneously.

  • Unified Notification Center โ€” All your notifications from your connected accounts in one place.

  • CrossFollow โ€” This one is unique. When you follow someone through the Yup Platform, you will automatically follow them on each of your matching, connected accounts!

  • Native Actions โ€” Traditional actions such as liking, reposting & replying can be done directly within the Yup app, and translates natively to the corresponding platform wherever the content originated. Another rare trait.

  • Unique Posts โ€” For the platforms that allow it, Yup will soon permit engaging with assets on-chain. Interactions with digital collectibles like Mirror posts, NFTs, event POAPs & Snapshot governance.

The Benefits of Using Yup

Truthfully, Yup was a slow creep into a must-have app in my stack. I recognize that the sluggish momentum into becoming a genuine fan & advocate of the tool is largely in part due to my fortune of having found the platform in its rather early days. With time, it just gets better & better. Because of Yup, I have been able to re-establish my presence on platforms I surely would have let fall through the cracks otherwise. It's empowering me & fellow creators to:

  • Streamline content & promotion efforts

  • Reach new audiences

  • Eliminate context switching

  • Reduce attention drifting

  • Schedule content to publish later

We all know that managing multiple social media accounts can be a juggling act easy to fumble. It's tedious, time-consuming, and often feels like a never-ending battle. Yup helps to eliminate these headaches by unifying our social media efforts. Even if it's not taking care of ALL of our social platforms (like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.) โ€” at the very least, it is holding us down on a significant number of them. Plus, every platform they choose to integrate moving forward will be an exponential gain in productivity.

Challenges & Considerations

While Yup offers all of the amazing benefits I've detailed above, it is also important to be aware of challenges that exist. Most notably, is that the web3 decentralized social media landscape is still fresh; a molten, constantly evolving model with many players aiming to dominate a new market. Yup actually insulates itself from any unforeseen platform or protocol terminations, as it can find stability in the integrated platforms that remain. For this reason though, they should persistently pursue stable connections with emerging apps & protocols to further protect them from such an issue (while also providing greater benefit to their users).

Another consideration is that maybe, Gary Vee ends up being right, like he is quite often. Perhaps each platform needs a unique, singular focus directly addressing the very specific audience that is present on them. This is one of those cases I hope he's NOT right. I personally think Yup highlights a bright future of greater platform agnosticism. Where the "medium being the message" gets flipped to just being the "message despite the medium". I was actually speaking with Jack McDermott, Community Lead at Yup, about certain features on the platform, and he shared a sentiment from one of their devs that expressed this point.

It shouldn't matter whether we are a user of ๐• (Twitter), BlueSky, Lens, or Farcaster when we share our voice. The platform shouldn't be a qualifier that determines whether or not what we have to share has meaning. Letting people see our content wherever they are, regardless of which platforms they choose to engage on, is an ideal scenario for standard content. Of course, we're always at liberty to share things exclusively on one platform or another, to still satisfy a bit of that unique & singular focus for which Gary Vee advocates.

Getting Started with Yup

Now that you know more about the Yup & what it is made for, I'd like to help you get started if you'd like to dive into using the tool. It really is a straight-forward process.

  1. Create a free account โ€” Visit and sign up. You can choose to do so with your EVM compatible wallet address, or email.

  2. Start connecting social accounts โ€” During the onboarding it should jump right in to asking you to establish these connections. If not, or if you ever need to get back to it, I'll provide further context.

    On mobile, you can use the hamburger menu in the top left, then click "Connect Accounts", or you can visit your Profile and in the top right, click the menu there for the same "Connect Accounts" option. For the web app experience, the latter option on the profile page is what's available.

    • ๐• (Twitter), Farcaster, BlueSky & Lens โ€” Straight forward

    • Threads is not currently available, but it once was and may become accessible again... only time will tell. In the event it does come back around, I wanted to express that it is likely one of the harder social accounts to connect but inform you as to why. This one can be rough because you might have 2FA on your Meta associated accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Threads). You will have to de-activate 2FA if you want the connection to go through. I pulled an article for your reference, showing how to turn off 2-factor authentication through Instagram. So that's just in case Threads comes back to Yup.

  3. Start Exploring โ€” From there, start testing out how the platform works! Try your first Yup CrossPost, customize your feed to show you content exactly how you want it, and engage with your community through the native actions.

Hopefully, Yup proves to be a truly helpful tool for you all. I have found value in it since it has allowed me to reclaim some of my time & attention, which are priceless assets that I prefer to spend on creating rather than on dispersed, redundant efforts to share content across my socials.

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