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farcaster mfers just gettin started

sufficiently decentralized social meets sufficiently decentralized crypto mfers

farcasters meteoric rise

farcaster has taken the crypto world by storm over the past week with a sick combination of sufficiently decentralized social media and crypto commerce exchange functionality. users are not only able to converse and share ideas, but they also have the ability to transact onchain directly within the platform. no jumping through hoops or switching apps it is the easiest application of crypto i have seen to date. below ill share some of the things im most excited abt.

are frames cryptos iphone moment?

frames are pretty much an upgrade on the usual way we share and interact with content online. think of them as interactive bits on your feed where you can do cool stuff without having to jump over to another app or page. since they rolled out, there's been a ton of buzz around them. crypto mfers are experimenting with all sorts of frames, from gaming to instant shopping, token airdrops, even dropping nfts right there in the feed for free gasless instant mints...yesterday there was a bitcoin ordinal frame mint i participated in. it's sparked a lot more activity on farcaster, with loads more people signing up and getting in on the action.

and to stir the pot even more, they've got these bounties going for developers to come up with new frames. it's like a call to arms for the creative and techy types to put their spin on things, with some sweet incentives up for grabs. from what i've seen, the community's been all over it, launching new frames that let you do everything from collecting nfts to playing chess.

it's all about making the platform more engaging and interactive, and from the looks of it, frames are just the beginning. they're aiming to make farcaster a space where crypto and social media blend in a way that gives users more control and fun ways to interact. pretty ambitious and cool if you ask me.

i created a frame for a free gasless one click nft mint titled "Sufficiently Decentralized". its a portrait of dwr created from the text used in his "farcaster is now open to everyone" blog post. the frame mint was open for 24 hrs and was minted by 1,757 unique farcaster mfer wallets. i added some subtle touches like farcaster purple for the text...and also managed to hide the word "mfers" in the text.

the perl game

one of the most exciting applications to come out frames imo is the $perl game. perl is backed by balaji and a16z...a month or so ago i had a call with alex kwon one of the founders and was blown away...young prodigy mfer.

every day perl runs a game on farcaster allowing participants to predict the outcome of a predetermined contest posted by the @perl farcaster account. if you select the right outcome you are rewarded with $ the wrong outcome and earn zero $perl for the game that day. the below is an example of the game running today.

the perl game is alpha...go play.

manifold did it again

its hard to argue the fact that manifold has been one of the most significant infrastructure builders in the crypto space over the last couple years and they have once again outdone themselves with their contribution to farcaster frames. they shipped an app within manifold studio that allows creators to deploy nft contracts on base and mint tokens to them. it literally took me 5 minutes to deploy a contract, upload image (token), and cast the frame on farcaster enabling users to execute a one click gasless mint.

there is no need for user wallets to interact with the contract which is nice from a security signing messages or transactions...simple one click instantaneous gasless mint that auto airdrops the token to your wallet connected to farcaster. this is all done on base by coinbase as you can see in the screenshot below. the gas fees are subsidized on the frontend and im pretty sure we have base grants to thank for that.

decentralized publishing with paragraph is a platform designed for the new age of digital publishing...focusing on decentralized and blockchain-based blogging. it’s built for writers, thinkers, and creators who want to share their ideas with the world in a more sovereign and innovative way. after publishing an article with paragraph you can paste the link into a farcaster caset and it automatically creates a frame that allows users to go to the article on paragraph, read inline with the frame without ever leaving the app, and subscribe.

here's a breakdown of what makes paragraph stand out:

  • decentralized publishing: Unlike traditional blogging platforms, paragraph leverages blockchain technology...the content is not stored on a single server owned by a company but distributed across a network giving writers full control over their work. this decentralization ensures censorship resistance and permanence...its an attractive option for those concerned about digital rights and freedom of speech.

  • ownership and monetization: writers on paragraph have true ownership of their content thanks to nfts...each post can be minted as a nft allowing authors not only to claim ownership in a verifiable way but also to explore new avenues for monetization. readers can support their favorite authors by purchasing posts, subscribing to newsletters, or simply tipping some $DEGEN on the timeline.

  • community and engagement: paragraph fosters a community of readers and writers who are passionate about various topics, from tech and crypto to literature and philosophy. the platform encourages interaction through comments, likes, and shares, creating a vibrant ecosystem where ideas can flourish and discussions can newsletter, not fucking around, already has over 500 subscribers after my first article titled "why i use a mfer as my pfp".

paragraph represents a shift in how we think about content creation and consumption on the internet...and tbh if it werent for paragraph i wouldnt be writing and publishing thoughts the way that i am right now. it’s not just a platform for’s a space where the principles of decentralization, ownership, and community converge, reshaping the landscape of digital expression and intellectual exchange. paragraph is where blogging meets blockchain...and its perfect for crypto mfers who value freedom and creativity.

$DEGEN tips

$degen tips are pretty much farcasters version of giving someone a high five with some cash in your hand. it's a way for crypto mfers on farcaster to show their appreciation for someone's post, comment, or any cool content they come across. here's the lowdown on how $degen tips work and why they're kind of a big deal:

  • wtf is $DEGEN: think of it as the go-to currency for the cool kid crypto mfer crowd on farcaster.

  • how do tips work: let's say you're scrolling through farcaster and stumble upon a post that blows your mind or makes you laugh. instead of just giving it a like or a retweet, you can send the creator a $DEGEN tip. it's your way of saying, "hey, that was pretty cool, here's a little something for your effort."

  • why tip with $DEGEN: tipping with $DEGEN isn't just about being generous. it's a nod to the whole ethos of the crypto community — supporting each other, valuing creativity, and using digital currency to do it. it's also a way to help creators keep doing what they do best without relying on ads or sponsors.

  • the impact: when you tip someone with $DEGEN, you're doing more than just giving them digital cash. you're helping build a culture of appreciation and support that's kind of unique to the crypto space. plus, it feels pretty good to both give and receive these tips, knowing you're part of a community that values each other.

$DEGEN serves as both a financial instrument and a catalyst for community engagement and growth rewarding participation, creativity, and collaboration...the tips are about showing love for the content that makes the crypto community so badass. next time you see something cool, think about dropping a $DEGEN's a small gesture that can make a big difference...check out the official $DEGEN FAQ here to learn more.

the future of social networking on farcaster

as we look ahead, the experiments and innovations (fafo) unfolding on farcaster offer a glimpse into a future where social networking transcends traditional boundaries. the platform's embrace of decentralized technology, coupled with its mferish community and creative initiatives is not just redefining the user experience but also setting new standards for digital interaction.

the future of social networking lies in empowering them the tools to create, share, and transact within a community that values authenticity and freedom. this is a world where the value of content is determined not by algorithms or corporate interests but by the community itself. it's a place where creativity is rewarded, privacy is protected, and transactions are transparent and direct. as these principles gain traction we can expect to see them inspire similar innovations across the broader landscape of decentralized social media.

the implications for the digital public square are profound. farcaster is not just a social network....its an incubator for the next wave of digital culture by prioritizing user agency and community-driven growth. the future of social networking on farcaster is bright...the lessons learned and the connections forged here will influence the evolution of social media for years to come.

be sure to follow the /mfers channel on farcaster...let me know you read this article in the channel...maybe i'll drop you some $DEGEN.

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