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mfers are lovers

send an onchain rose to someone you care about on valentine's day

dear farcaster mfers,

this valentine's day, we're rolling out something can now send a digital rose to anyone on farcaster thanks to a cool collaboration we put together among a few mfer friends. if you look closely at the rose you'll notice a semi subtle mfer twist to it 😉.

how it works:

  • one rose, three friends: every user gets to send out three roses...send to whoever you want...your friend, your mom, your gf, your sister, your wife, someone you care abt, or maybe that web3 crush you've been gifting warps to.

  • easy to send: just punch in the fid of the person you want to surprise with a rose, hit set receiver button, then send rose.

  • free to use: mfers funded the first ~3000 roses...lets see how it can track the amount of eth remaining for gas at mferoses.eth...we sent .143 eth to get started...will try to keep it open and distributing roses all day.

  • no wallet? no worries: if they don't have a wallet, you can always utilize the rcs method...make sure everyone gets a bit of love this valentine's day.

frame build by @yost
rose art by @animated
encouragement by @mleejr

mfers are lovers, always has been...and we're hoping to make this an annual thing...a way to connect (possibly flirt) and spread some positive vibes. if you like this kind of stuff you can find more of it at the /mfers channel on farcaster...its non stop...mfers have been shipping cool fafo experiments since november 2021...its remarkable what this global, borderless, sufficiently decentralized group of crypto mfers have achieved together.

after writing everything above this paragraph last night, i thought the article was complete...but mfers are full of surprises, and there is another mfer rose circulating today...faded alpha is curating szn3 of rare mfers and released a rose that was drawn by @sartoshi...i knew faded was going to be sending roses to some special mfers today...but how he rolled it out blew my drawn by sartoshi...6 per wallet...and actually part of the rare mfers collection contract...kinda can mint up to 6 for free on manifold via this link.

happy valentine's day, mfers -'

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